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The most difficult part ist to convince oneself that “the magic” is working. Therefore it is helpful to do a daily exercise. This is a random collection of exercises and articles matching my intention.

Focus Wheel

The focus wheel process is about purifying your vibration on a particular subject. Remember, Abraham has said, „Want it, and vibrate it, and it is.“ Our job is to make our vibration higher, faster and purer, all the time. And all the Abraham processes are designed to do that in one way or another. However, […]

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Inner Landscapes

The Inner Landscape Exercise Refined by Elias in Session 1784 You wish to look futurely; you wish to see into your future. You may, by examining your inner landscape: You hold an emotion. You may create a physical landscape from this emotion. You may create an entire scene stemming merely from one emotion. Allow yourself […]

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Expectations and Trying

Elias: I present to you a small energy rabbit that is soft and delicate, but also in its swiftness somewhat strong and agile. In the moments that you are expressing expectations of yourself and pushing your energy in association with those expectations of yourself — and expectations may be somewhat challenging to recognize within you, […]

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Alignement of Chakras

You may incorporate a visualization, which I have offered previously, visualizing each one of your energy centers, beginning with the red and moving upward.  In the visualization, visualize each energy center spinning, and in that spin, visualize them to be moving harmoniously with each other in the same rotation as each other.  Visualize each energy […]

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Allow yourself to listen to yourself and incorporate action in association with your own communications. Although you express a fear of your ability to generate what you want, attempt to offer yourself the freedom to generate steps to move in a different direction. If you are not generating a comfort in what you are doing […]

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Empowering Self-Value

This is a small but very effective exercise that Elias recommands. Indeed, without self-value everything becomes difficult and is effort. Incorporate for a brief time framework  an exercise of viewing yourself as two individuals.  View yourself as you, but also view yourself as another individual.  Each time you present yourself with a preference or a […]

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Happiness Map

Now we trust that you are all very comfortable and we thank you for your consideration. This evening we would enjoy bringing a previous discussion on magic into the presentation, and in particular, we would specifically like to discuss map-making, but in a very particular way, in a manner unique to our modus operandi. And […]

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Balancing Touch

For the moment, taking your index finger in the right hand, you can utilize it to gently touch various areas in the four different sectors of the body. Firstly to establish a flow of energy and in this you would follow this procedure: taking your right index finger, you would gently touch just above or […]

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Fulfilling Desires

Receiving The Reality You Desire! A radio does not have to create the program it wishes to hear. It merely needs to receive an already-existing program. And it makes itself an effective receiver by matching frequencies, synchronizing frequencies – creating a similarity of vibrations – with the program it wishes to receive. Likewise, you don’t […]

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Adore Yourself

It is absolutely imperative that you come to a place of positive vibration which means you must adore you. If you do not like yourself then you can want until you are blue in the face and those things that you want cannot come into your experience. The balance that you are wanting to bring […]

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