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The most difficult part ist to convince oneself that “the magic” is working. Therefore it is helpful to do a daily exercise. This is a random collection of exercises and articles matching my intention.

Be Real!

Always remember, no matter what you are doing, observe whether your center is involved in it or not, because if it is not involved it is better not to do a thing. Don’t do it! No one is forcing you to do anything. Preserve your energy for the moment when something real happens to you; […]

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I publish this remarkable statement from Elias under Exercises, because it needs some exercise to relax to calm oneself and to trust in the ability to generate everything that is needed or wanted. It requires the whole attention which has to be exercised in each moment- at least at the beginning – until it becomes […]

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Financial Abundance

The following are some examples of the vibrational relativity between the common desires and the beliefs that we see in many people regarding their financial abundance. First we will state a common desire that many people hold regarding money or about abundance, and then we will list a series of common beliefs about that desire. […]

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How To Notice Comparisons

You are all comparing with what is successful and what is not, comparing abilities and what classifies abilities and creativity as good enough and what is not good enough, comparing how often you engage your craft and how often it should be engaged, that if you are successful, you must be devoting certain quantities of […]

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Treantea Poker Players Practice

Treantea is a contradictory method of equalizing expectations in order to be aware of alternate information, providing the best of all possible worlds, in a sense. This exercise is a way to access alternatives to your current internal information so as to allow you to be aware of additional probabilities that would be more fulfilling […]

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Resistance is the primary cause for everything disagreable in life and resistance means  a not allowing of the flow of the own desires, the own expression and the own preferences. Resistance causes judgements, rigidity and stasis. Resistance happens also because one seems to be denied of choices. So if you know already that you have […]

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Focus Wheel

The focus wheel process is about purifying your vibration on a particular subject. Remember, Abraham has said, „Want it, and vibrate it, and it is.“ Our job is to make our vibration higher, faster and purer, all the time. And all the Abraham processes are designed to do that in one way or another. However, […]

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Inner Landscapes

The Inner Landscape Exercise Refined by Elias in Session 1784 You wish to look futurely; you wish to see into your future. You may, by examining your inner landscape: You hold an emotion. You may create a physical landscape from this emotion. You may create an entire scene stemming merely from one emotion. Allow yourself […]

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Expectations and Trying

Elias: I present to you a small energy rabbit that is soft and delicate, but also in its swiftness somewhat strong and agile. In the moments that you are expressing expectations of yourself and pushing your energy in association with those expectations of yourself — and expectations may be somewhat challenging to recognize within you, […]

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Alignement of Chakras

You may incorporate a visualization, which I have offered previously, visualizing each one of your energy centers, beginning with the red and moving upward.  In the visualization, visualize each energy center spinning, and in that spin, visualize them to be moving harmoniously with each other in the same rotation as each other.  Visualize each energy […]

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