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The most difficult part ist to convince oneself that “the magic” is working. Therefore it is helpful to do a daily exercise. This is a random collection of exercises and articles matching my intention.

Fulfilling Desires

Receiving The Reality You Desire! A radio does not have to create the program it wishes to hear. It merely needs to receive an already-existing program. And it makes itself an effective receiver by matching frequencies, synchronizing frequencies – creating a similarity of vibrations – with the program it wishes to receive. Likewise, you don’t […]

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Adore Yourself

It is absolutely imperative that you come to a place of positive vibration which means you must adore you. If you do not like yourself then you can want until you are blue in the face and those things that you want cannot come into your experience. The balance that you are wanting to bring […]

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It is significant that you are allowing yourself an objective recognition and understanding of the reflection that you are offering to yourself and you are noticing that you are generating this mirror action to be validating to yourself that you do hold the ability to be generating this type of action. It is also significant […]

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Speaking Out Loud

Elias offers here a very effective mental tool: The Voice. He says that speaking out loud facilitates the creation of material things and events. Seth once spoke also about tones that form matter and he said that the Pyramids and similar constructions have been build with the aid of tone.  Elias: As I have expressed […]

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New Year Resolutions

This is an example of a New Year Resolution by Abraham that can be really fulfilled: ESTHER: Abraham, How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions? And how would you approach a New Year’s Resolution if you were in our physical shoes. ABE: They are a wonderful idea. They fall into the same category as […]

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The Power of Colour

We are speaking of Love tonight because you are moving into the season of Love. Christmas usually ends in sorrow because the hope that Christmas personifies has not come alive in you. As the day ends, you realize that the gifts have not done it, and the turkey has not done it, and the friends […]

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Who You Are

We bring this up because it eventually becomes important to start asking that question to oneself. „Who am I? What have I become? Where is and who is my SELF? And is my SELF still available? Reachable? And can I ever again connect with that SELF that I am?“ And in these cases, „SELF“ would […]

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Self Acceptance

I shall express to you, within this now, your most efficient direction of procedure, so to speak, in the expression of  acceptance of self shall be to hold your attention with self — to exercise your thoughts, your energy, your attention in the direction of self — and to be allowing yourself to notice, within […]

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  Connecting with the Universal Mind Meditation by Orin and DaBen  I let myself grow calm and serene.I relax my body.I imagine the sun above me,filling my heart with peace and serenity.

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Basics of Meditation

For meditation you should sit with identification with the knowledge „I am“ only and have confirmed to yourself that you are not the body.  You must dwell only in that knowledge „I am“–not merely the words „I am.“  The design of your body does not signify your identification.  And also, the name which is given […]

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