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Einige kurzen Ausführungen über wichtige mentale Werkzeuge, die man unbedingt immer parat haben sollte.
Some short articles about important mental-tools, which one should always have ready to use.

The Beasts of Your Planet

The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or squirrel, or no matter what beast you are affectionately addressing, is, for the most part, less specifically focused than you are. He is less of a deliberate creator. He deciphers contrast less specifically than you do. Therefore, he creates less deliberately than you do. The […]

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How or What?

„The greatest shock in this age of transition: what you have thought all the time as Fairy Tales is actually the way life is……“ In general the first question to realize a desire is: How can I do that. How can I be rich, healthy, happy, knowing? And then the intellect searches for a way […]

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Circumstances Don’t Matter

Matter is only a symbol of inner states of being. So if one wants to change the „outside“ one has to change the state of being first. The question is: What state of being do I prefer? And then imagine it, act upon it, behave like the imagined person…   Die Umstände sind nicht wichtig. […]

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Fake it

Fake it till you make it! Pretend that Niagara Falls is your source of supply. That all of your Well-being flows from that source. Pretend that that source is yours alone to utilize. As you stand there on the shore overlooking that awesome flow, you would not feel lack, for you would understand that in […]

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Carpe Diem

Lasse deinen Wert zu und lass‘ die Feen des Universums dir assistieren. Hör‘ auf, dir so viel Verantwortung aufzubürden und lebe einfach glücklich. Verkürze den Abgrund zwischen dem Hier und dem Dort, wo du sein willst – egal was es ist – zum jetzt, jetzt, jetzt, jetzt, jetzt… Reite die Welle. Pflücke die Frucht. Du […]

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That is the point in this shift in consciousness, to be directing of yourself and not being directed by other individuals or authorities, to be allowing yourself the freedom of choice and intentional creation to incorporate an awareness and a familiarity of self in acceptance and allowance, to be intimately familiar with your beliefs and […]

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Expect the Wild Card

You are in the middle of a tremendous shift that you’ve asked for, that it’s time for, that I came for! It’s not one that’s going to destroy you! You don’t have to fear it. It’s one you’re in control of as you’re becoming more quantum. You’re starting to understand that the consistency of life […]

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The Holy Spirit

Question: How does the Holy Spirit work in this world? Bashar: All right. Again, the idea is that our perception of, what you call, the Holy Spirit is the collective electromagnetic mentality, the actual energy out of which all of your individual minds are created. Spirit, meant in this terminology, is literally a physiological phenomena, […]

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I Know

I KNOW – Ich Weiß

All that I may express to any individual, and yourself also, you DO already know! I am merely reminding you of that which you already know. My purpose, so to speak, in interaction is to be facilitating of the remembrance. You already hold all of this information. You merely are requiring of a ‘little push,’ […]

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How To Create World Peace

It is very simple, act like your world is at peace. Live in peace within yourself first, then you, as an individual, will set a shining example for how other individuals may be able to choose to live as well. ONE individual makes a difference, and the fundamental idea that we have shared with many […]

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