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Einige kurzen Ausführungen über wichtige mentale Werkzeuge, die man unbedingt immer parat haben sollte.
Some short articles about important mental-tools, which one should always have ready to use.


I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to […]

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If man paid more attention to his own subjective behavior, to those feelings of identification with nature that persistently arise, then half of the dictates of both the evolutionists and the creationists would automatically fall away, for they would appear nonsensical. It is not a matter of outlining a whole new series of methods that […]

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A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking So as you keep thinking this thought, you keep vibrationally attracting relative to that thought. So you confirm your own beliefs again and again and again and again and again. That’s why someone who believes in cancer can confirm that belief, or someone who believes […]

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We are all connected – Listen and hear without judgment – No one is right or wrong They just are Reflect or mirror back Respond rather than react Let go of the need to be right Use emotions intelligently.

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Re-focusing Pay attention Spend time with children Remember your dreams Change your point of view Collaborate Transport yourself Improvise Break the rules Believe, and make believe Get away from the media

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You are not eliminating beliefs; you are not eliminating your truths; you are not eliminating expressions that you deem to be uncomfortable or negative.  You are allowing yourselves choice and changing your directions, changing your perceptions, which also changes your reality. Elias

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Theevolution of your time-space-reality is nothing more than people having experience and coming to conclusions of desire that then Source Energy answers. And the evolution, actually the speed of it, has to do not so much with the desires that are being born, although they certainly are a significant part of it, but the speed […]

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The Beasts of Your Planet

The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or squirrel, or no matter what beast you are affectionately addressing, is, for the most part, less specifically focused than you are. He is less of a deliberate creator. He deciphers contrast less specifically than you do. Therefore, he creates less deliberately than you do. The […]

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How or What?

„The greatest shock in this age of transition: what you have thought all the time as Fairy Tales is actually the way life is……“ In general the first question to realize a desire is: How can I do that. How can I be rich, healthy, happy, knowing? And then the intellect searches for a way […]

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Circumstances Don’t Matter

Matter is only a symbol of inner states of being. So if one wants to change the „outside“ one has to change the state of being first. The question is: What state of being do I prefer? And then imagine it, act upon it, behave like the imagined person…   Die Umstände sind nicht wichtig. […]

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