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This chart is  a Sociological Comparison of  How Relationships can work. Each column is considered a „package deal“, in that each relationship usually functions in terms of most of the characteristics of the 3rd dimensional version or the 4th dimensional version, rather than a combination of both versions. The Pleiadians Germane & Sasha transmitted by Lyssa […]

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The Gates of Horn

For those of you wondering about Seth’s concept of “True Dreams from the Gates of Horn,” here’s some excerpts of Seth ESP Classes: There is something that I would like you to do. During the week, before you sleep, tell yourself, if you want to, that you will have a true dream that will come […]

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12 Signs

  12  Signs of Your Awakening Divinity By Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias I, Tobias , will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), but we will be speaking to each of you, to your hearts, to your Divine Selves on this day. The words that you hear (and read) are not […]

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Magick and Thelema

I re-discovered some of the work of Aleister Crowley and find it really interesting, more than years ago. Crowley intendet to establish a new religion – Thelema – where the individual’s free will and choices are valued.  Each person is like a star and follows the own path. Restricting morality should be shrugged off. Each […]

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The Law Of Magic

Effect and Cause by Osho I will tell you one of the deepest laws of life. You may not have thought about it at all. You have heard — the whole of science depends on it — that cause and effect is the base. You create the cause and the effect follows. Life is a […]

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The Aloha Spirit

The Aloha Spirit is a well known reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire. In the Hawaiian language, aloha stands […]

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Trust and Responsability

Very often responsability and blame are mingled and to tell someone that he is responable of his life is understood as a blame. But responsability means simply: Free choice! And trust in oneself is one of the most sophisticated states of consciousness one can be. As says Bashar: TRUST IS YOUR WILLINGNESS TO EXPRESS THE […]

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Master Numbers

I already wrote about Masternumbers here. This now is a very interesting explanation by Seth: You may also be triggered at times with other multiple Master Numbers. The Master Numbers are multiple numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99. These numbers belong to the Greater Reality which is the […]

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  Spells work if you believe in them; only you don´t need spells at all. Everything happens by itself. You happen by yourself, so does the world. And the principle behind all is magic. And magic is the beingness within and behind all things. The Charmed Life is an excerpt  from the Oversoul Seven Trilogy […]

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Extraterrestrial Contact Act

To establish a protocol to allow public interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligences that may make, or express a desire to make peaceful contact with the people of Earth. This „Contact Act“ is proposed by Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. In my opinion an act like this is necessary. So far there exists a law in the […]

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