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Bruce Moen is certainely, together with Robert A. Monroe one of the most known afterlife researchers. Here is an excerpt of his book Voyage into the Unknown A woman died recently. I never knew her. Seemingly in good health she’d given all the signs of someone preparing to leave this world. Over the past months […]

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Changing Beliefs

  Making it Easy to Change your Beliefs When we experience an undesireable reality, we have to back-track and ask ourself: „What would I have to be believing in order to create such a Reality“? Once we then get in touch with this belief that is creating the undesired outcome, we can decide and choose […]

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Chaos Magick

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Chaos Magick started in the late 70’s as an underground movement , the idea was that symbolisms, costumes, rituals in traditional magic systems such as Qaballa were used to an end , but aren’t the end itself. „Chaos Magick is an extraordinary deconstruction of magick, semantics, and psychology designed […]

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Abraham’s Glossary

For a better understanding of what Abraham is speaking about it is helpful to know the definitions of his glossary: All Is Well: The basis of All-That-Is, is Well-Being. There is no source of anything that is other than Well-Being. If you believe you are experiencing something other than Well-Being, it is only because you […]

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Zorba the Buddha

The Ultimate Synthesis     Many contemporaries and enlightened ones — Raman Maharshi, Meher Baba, George Gurdjieff and J. Krishnamurti — have worked with people, but people get more offended by you than by anybody else. Osho, where does your technique differ from that of other enlightened ones? The question is very fundamental. It arises in […]

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  Hypnosis Briefly Explained As long as there has been humans, there has been hypnosis. Hypnosis is actually an innate state of consciousness we enter into and leave quite naturally and freely hundreds of times during our day-to-day experiences.  Did you know that you’ve already been hypnotized thousands of times in your life? In fact, […]

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What is the difference between a concept and Reality? A concept is a result of conceptualization, which is the process of separating and naming. Conceptualization is a process learned in early childhood.  The infant does not conceptualize because its intellect is undeveloped.  In contrast, the sage has a well-developed intellect and conceptualizes but sees that […]

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3 Propositions

Three Propositions by Neville Goddard Well, my first proposition is this one. The individual state of consciousness determines the conditions and the circumstances of his life. The second proposition is that man can select the state of consciousness with which he desires to be identified; and the third follows naturally – therefore, man can be […]

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Correct Prayer

Neville, in all his books and lectures is giving us the formula for correct prayer. This formula is as simple as assuming the feeling of the thing desired but can be more involved. This paper tries to  bring all the different aspects of Neville’s correct prayer together.  Prayer is the most wonderful experience man can […]

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GUIDELINES FOR DISCERNMENT  There are a lot of channellings out there in books and mostly in the internet and not all of them sound „right“ to me. I think I feel and realize if the given information is valuable. The New Realities Magazine made a list of how to decern already in 1987 with which […]

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