The sacred names and functions of the 12 layers of DNA


It was about four years ago when Kryon told me that I would channel the purpose and details of each of the 12 interdimensional layers of DNA, and that it would be given over a period of time. This was something I was prepared and ready for, but then he told me that to enhance each layer, I would be given the Hebrew phrases that would best describe them. I was nervous about that and told Kryon I couldn’t really do that since I don’t even speak the language. Kryon then told me that each layer had „The Name of God“ in Hebrew and that these names were already prepared, and I could have them in advance. I liked that, since I don’t speak Hebrew and have no insights as to any Hebrew meanings. However, it wasn’t as simple as „go find the list.“

DNA has never had these esoteric interpretations before. In addition, they correspond with some Lemurian names (a language not in existence anymore), and they relate strongly to numerology and the energies of numbers. Numerology is a very old science. The spiritual study of numbers goes way back in history and there’s evidence of numerology in most all-sacred scriptures of the world. For more information about the history of numerology, please see [numerologyhistory].

These things are extremely esoteric, and very controversial because of this. One person’s revelation about all this DNA information is another person’s foolishness. As it should be, spiritual perceptions are personal. The things that cannot be proven in empirical ways are proven only through the intuition and discernment of those doing the viewing. Many will find treasures in what others feel is a hocus pocus junk heap of meaningless information. That’s why I have always said that if it’s junk to you, then you should not spend another moment here. Let this be instead for those who wish to discern the truth and are willing to let a higher spiritual connection work with them on it. This is not a doctrine that we wish anyone to believe who isn’t ready to do so…{josquote}This is not a doctrine that we wish anyone to believe who isn’t ready to do so. Lee Caroll{/josquote}

This is an excerpt of Lee Carrolls explanation how he received the information about DNA from Kryon who he is channelling.  The site of Kryon has more gems to offer. There are 56 channellings available,  some of them also as mp3 file and spoken excerps of his books with Parables, The Spirit Online Magazine and tons of other informations.

Very interesting and inspiring!  Below is another interesting excerpt of the Question&Answer section of Kryon:

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I am a Lightworker, and my primary ideal is freedom for others and myself. I claim my power of manifestation every day, but nothing seems to work in my life. What am I doing wrong, dear friend?

ANSWER: It’s time to stop trying and just „do.“ Many of you have been born on this planet with a high energy, but within the earth’s low vibration. Nothing works in this scenario. Many of you are in this situation so that when the new energy begins to show itself, you will recognize it and breathe a sigh of relief. You will see it as „yours,“ and begin to work with it. If, however, you feel that there is no hope, then you’ll never manifest within the very energy you’ve been waiting for.

You can’t create a peaceful Human Being in the body of one who’s convinced that they’re useless. So start by creating an attitude of one who is not. Openly declare yourself free of this lifetime curse. No matter what’s happening around you or what you feel isn’t happening, begin to create your new reality by announcing to Spirit and the energy of Earth that you have „arrived“ and are now complete.

This might seem comical to you, as the old reality around you seems to be stuck. But this is the seed-planning that will allow you to begin to slowly move. The giant ship that has been in the mud for years will have a hard time freeing itself, no matter how large the engines become. But once freed, watch it go!

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