What is meant by true and untrue concepts?

  •  A belief is a concept to which the mind is strongly attached.
  • A belief that cannot be verified by direct seeing is always subject to attack by a counter-belief.  Therefore, it must be constantly reinforced by repetition of the belief. 
  • Since Reality is absence of separation, It cannot be perceived.  Therefore, concepts cannot describe Reality (but they can be true, see g and h below).
  • Example:  A material object by definition is separate from other material objects.  Therefore, material objects are not real.  The belief that material objects are real is constantly reinforced by materialistic culture, and is sustained only by a failure to see the distinction between objects and Reality.
  • Although concepts cannot describe Reality, they can point to Reality.
  • A pointer is an invitation to see directly the distinction between an object and Reality. 
  • If a concept asserts or implies the reality of any object, it is untrue.  If it negates the reality of an object, it is true (but not a description of Reality).  A true concept can be a useful pointer to Reality.Example:  The concept that material objects are not real is true, and is a pointer to Reality.

Stanley Sobottka Emeritus Professor of Physics on the University of Virginia speaks about the Quantum Theory of Consciousness in his book: A Dialog in Consciousness which is probably inspired by Buddhism. 

Stanley Sobottka says in his Foreword: From 1992 through 1995, I taught several seminars on reality and consciousness according to quantum theory for humanities undergraduates at the University of Virginia. These seminars attempted to outline in an understandable way to the nonscientist the reasons why consciousness is a necessary part of the most widely accepted interpretations of quantum theory. For these seminars, I wrote concise but complete notes which I handed out to my students, and which summarized the salient points in order to make as clear as possible the scientific basis for the seminar.

The E-Book is free and can be downloaded. Interesting to see how Consciousness enters the Universities now.

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