Colour Matisse We are speaking of Love tonight because you are moving into the season of Love. Christmas usually ends in sorrow because the hope that Christmas personifies has not come alive in you. As the day ends, you realize that the gifts have not done it, and the turkey has not done it, and the friends have not done it, because the energy has not been recognized. It does not need to end like that. Starting this day, love energy can be recognized. But it has to begin with a conscious effort.

You have to make up your mind. Are you going to concentrate on love, or are you going to start to mentalize about it and about how unloving or unlovable you are? What kind of person you think you are is quite irrelevant. Any person at any time can begin to feel this energy, expand with it, move with it – change with it.

Quiet yourself and concentrate intently on the color pink. I would be delighted to have you try an experiment. Quiet yourself and concentrate intently on the color pink. See it dynamically filling your heart center and be with that glow. When you are walking, feel it; when you are sitting, feel it; when you are talking, feel it. Just feel it. Snuggle down with it. Feel wonderful about it. And all of a sudden, you will start to come alive. I mean literally start to come alive and you will begin to sparkle, to feel good! Then you will begin to worry because you have no worries. You will get up in the morning feeling happy. Someone will come to you with a problem, and you will tell them it is going to be all right. And they will tell you that you do not understand the problem, but you will. The power of Love knows that everything can be made wonderfully acceptable. This does not mean that all things will be pleasant and perfect forever, or will go according to your plans. But the Love that is flowing through you will make everything feel very „right.“

When there is dis-ease in your life, it can often be because you are not loving. When there is physical or mental dis-ease in your life, it can come from being agitated. Agitated feelings come from not being in harmony with someone very important-and that someone is yourself. You live most of your days in worry, always waiting for that other shoe to drop on your head. Someone is sure to come along and ruin your day. Someone is sure to hurt your feelings or say something you don’t like. You are going to do something that will fail or something that will turn into a mess. All of that may be true-but it does not matter. You can tell yourself you are determined to begin this process of revitalization, then let things go on their own way. In time, you will become alive and care about yourself.

{josquote}Do not keep your attention on all of those outer things.{/josquote}Do not keep your attention on all of those outer things. Love has not already happened because you haven’t really tried to make it happen. It is simple to love and difficult not to love. Love is natural, and when you try to fight against your natural state, it takes energy. So just put all of your problems on hold. There is no one without some degree of anxiety; it is the human situation. But please put that on the back burner and leave it there. Start feeling the movement of love, and when your view of things and people around you starts changing, you will become happy. But most of all, you will be grateful that you yourself have moved into the space that radiates that Power. It will not matter if others love you, because you are Loving. Then others will no longer have to dance to your tune. They can be as they wish to be: free, wonderful, and alive, and you can allow them to be thus, for you wi ‚II have no fear. People hang on to each other because they fear that they will lose love, but you will find that you cannot lose love. If it is moving through you, who can take it? The more you give. the more you have.

Bartholomew channelled by Mary-Margaret Moore
Found at Nirvikalpa 

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