Free ExpressionIf you have the impression that you don’t express freely with other individuals, that you do not express in alignement with your preferences, that you do not express authentically… here is great excercise from Elias about that:

Elias: I may express to you, in your interactions with other individuals, as you pay attention to yourself and to your energy, listen to yourself, and in that listening to yourself, if you notice yourself expressing a hesitancy in relation to the interaction that you are engaging with another individual, allow yourself to stop and momentarily imagine that the other individual does not exist, and allow yourself to evaluate what YOU want to be expressing in that moment.

Now; this may be somewhat tricky, for the automatic response is to identify what you want from the other individual or what you want the other individual to be expressing and how you want the other individual to change an expression, and that is not the point. In this exercise, the point is to temporarily, momentarily eliminate the other individual from your reality. In doing so, evaluate what YOU want to be expressing in that moment; therefore, it does not concern the other individual at all. Your attention is redirected to yourself. This actually generates several actions automatically which are beneficial. I may express to you that within relatively few times of practicing that exercise, you shall begin to be paying attention to yourself much more fully and automatically and easily.

Small children and cats express themselves in alignement with their preferences. Children are „customized“ but cats do it their life long,..

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