We bring this up because it eventually becomes important to start asking that question to oneself. „Who am I? What have I become? Where is and who is my SELF? And is my SELF still available? Reachable? And can I ever again connect with that SELF that I am?“ And in these cases, „SELF“ would be in capital letters. SELF, in that respect, is something very different from all of the attachments that have become part of its temporal, temporary, artificial identifications. And life can then appear truly like a maze, often finding the dead-ends, feeling that sense of personal frustration.

fluegelBut there are indeed many different ways to recover and re-discover who you are, and we must point out that who you are is not necessarily a finished product, like when you buy a box of teabags on the shelf. Self is an ever-changing, ever-expanding, growing process. Unlike all of the attachments and the psychological and emotional baubles that you have glued to your ideas about Self, to the point where you may no longer recognize who and what you are. And so very many people carry huge burdens with them their whole lives long, they can only identify then, with their burdens, their challenges and have forgotten that the burdens and the challenges are not who and what they are, they are something very different.

KRIS: We are not necessarily addressing aspects of Self, but merely those situations that the individual tags onto themselves. „I had a painful childhood, therefore it has made me who I am.“ „I had a terrible marriage and divorce, therefore it has made me who I am.“ „My government has screwed me, therefore I am who I am,“ and so on and so forth. Does that clarify the issue?

 Now then, we ask that you to sit very comfortably, preferably not sitting on the floor, but if that is all that is available, then make yourselves as comfortable as possible. 

In a few moments you will be able to close your eyes. For now they should be open, and as you sit there very comfortably, focus your gaze a few feet in front of you as if you are looking at a lovely scene and in a few moments you will be able to close your eyes, but for now, gaze at this lovely scene in a dreamy way.

And as you continue to listen to the sound of our voice you also concentrate on your breathing, allowing each and every exhalation to bring you deep relaxation. And in a few moments when you will close your eyes, you will recognize how soothing and relaxing you are in such a beautiful state. As you continue to allow yourself to relax deeply and comfortably with each exhalation, we will count to ten and on the count of ten, you will go into a deep, relaxed state, and perhaps even before we reach ten, perhaps at three, five, or seven, you will choose to close your eyes and go into a deep state of relaxation.

One, deeply relaxed…two…three…deeper still…four….five….six….deep relaxation…. seven… eight… very deep now…nine…ten…close your eyes and go deeper still into relaxation and allow all of the muscles that hold any tension to release that tension in whatever way possible that works for you. The muscles of your scalp, face, the back of the neck, the sides or the front and only those small muscle groups that allow you to keep your head straight can stay as they are.

The muscles of the back, those small muscle groups that enable your back to stay straight, they keep their position, but all other muscles can be relaxed. The chest, the abdomen, the shoulders and the forearms, even the muscles in your fingers, the buttocks, the thighs, the pelvis, the muscles under the thighs, the calves, the front of the legs, the muscles of your ankles, the heels, the arches of your foot, the top of your foot, right down to the tip of your toes.

And as each muscle group in the body relaxes, your own relaxation goes deeper still. Now imagine yourselves at the top of the stairs and we will count ten steps. And when you reach the bottom of the steps, you will be in a very safe place, a safe, soothing, relaxing place. Now with your hand on the rail, begin going down…One, deeper still….two…three…very deep now…four…five…six, deep and safe…seven….eight….deeper now….nine and ten. Deep relaxation, feeling very safe.

Imagine that you are now going on a journey. And on this journey, since you need to travel some distance, you have a large backpack and you begin your trek, your journey, and as you travel downhill, uphill, countryside and so on, you notice that after awhile your backpack is getting heavier and heavier. Perhaps you understand why or perhaps not. But you know your backpack is very important because you have packed it full of things and supplies for your journey. And after a little while longer, your backpack seems heavier still. Perhaps you are sweating with the effort and the strain of carrying this backpack that by now has gotten so heavy that you need to stop, take it off your shoulders and look into it to find out why it is so heavy.

You open it, look inside….only you know what you find there, but perhaps amongst the many things that you have put there, there might be things that are no longer necessary for you to carry. Perhaps you might even decide to take a few of those things out and leave them by the side of the road to lighten the backpack. After you have taken a few things out, put it back on your shoulders and continue the journey, down the valleys, up the hills, countryside, etc.

After awhile longer, you may decide the backpack is still somewhat heavier than you would like and you realize that earlier on, you removed some of the heavy objects and it lightened the load and that perhaps you can do this again. So take it off your shoulders. Look inside and see what else you might leave behind.

Satisfied that the few other things you have removed will lighten the burden, lighten the backpack, put it back on your shoulders, feel its weight, look at the road ahead of you, down the hills, up the hills, countryside….continue on your journey. Decide if after awhile, you need to take other things out. If so, stop, take it off your shoulders, remove other things, whatever you decide needs to go. Leave it by the side of the road [and] put the backpack back on your shoulders.

Notice how much lighter it is, how much easier it is to travel even downhill, especially uphill, that there might even be a bounce in your step as you go countryside…..Now consider the weight of your backpack. Are there any other items that you think need to be unloaded, so that you can continue your journey, and if so, do so. Take it off your shoulders, open it, look or rummage inside, see what needs to be put on the side of the road. Are you satisfied that you have removed enough, or do you need to remove more? And if so, do so.

And when you are satisfied, put it back on your shoulders, notice how much lighter it is…..with so much more energy and strength at your disposal now, you can easily see, imagine, and understand that your journey will be easier. And allow yourself to go merrily on your journey as you begin to take a deep breath in and on the count of five you will fully awaken to the present moment.

One, take a deep breath…become aware of your body in this time and space…your hands, fingers, feet and toes….two, enjoy the feeling that sinks deep into your being….and three, breathe again deeply, begin to awaken now…four, enjoy the feeling of lightness, of wellness in every which way….and five, return, open your eyes and awaken fully now.

And remember life is a journey and what you carry with you can make it as light or as heavy as you choose. And if you wish, every night before you fall asleep, remember this little story of your journey.

Kris returns after a pause with another exercise 

KRIS: Indeed. Now, we trust that everyone is back and comfortable and if you so like, we would enjoy taking you on another small inner journey. Sitting where you are, as comfortably as possible, allow yourselves to be relaxed. Look ahead of you, perhaps a foot or two or so, as if you are looking at that pleasant scene, but seeing it in a dreamy way, allowing your breath to begin relaxing you. And in a moment you know your eyes will close and you will enjoy it, going into that deep place where you are safe and ever so relaxed. Allow your breath to continue relaxing you and as before, allow your body to also be relaxed.

And we will count from one to ten, and perhaps at three, at five, seven, or ten, you will gladly close your eyes, being deeply relaxed. One …two …three …four ….five ….six ….seven ….eight ….nine ….ten. Very good. Keep your eyes closed and allow yourself to relax even deeper still, allowing the sound of our voice to soothe you. And in that soothing state of deep relaxation, you let all the muscles of your body that can be relaxed to be so, from the top of your scalp to the bottom of your feet, all pertinent muscle groups, simply let go.

Let go now. Now we will count from one to ten, and imagine that with each count, a beautiful beam of warm light, warms your scalp and goes down the body until by the count of ten, you are fully enveloped in this wonderful warm light.

One…your scalp, your head…two, your face and neck…three, down it goes, down your body, down deep…four….five….your chest, abdomen, pelvic area….six…your thighs…seven…eight, your legs, your feet….nine….and ten.

Allow this beautiful warm light to envelop you with a loving, genteel caress and allow it to gently lift you from anything and everything that burdens you, that weighs you down. All of these things gladly, you let go of, feeling only your true Self. (Pause and then very softly, almost a whisper) Very nice…that deep feeling of being unfettered, unbound from all burdens, separate from anything that is not Self….anything that is merely an image, a translation of Self, but not Self itself.

Allow your beautiful, lovely Self Being to breathe deeply of this warm light and feel the gentle nurturing and loving energy that is who and what you are. Recognize and embed that feeling of being who you are and know that as a Being, you have many choices available and the best choices for yourself is what you will create.

The best choices for yourself are what you will experience. And the best decisions for yourself are what you will make. And in that deep Self that you are, this feeling of peace, contentment, and fulfillment will never be eradicated, forgotten or lost or misplaced, but will always be there for you and with you, whether in the day, or in the night, in your sleep, in your dreams, in your work, in your meditations, in your walks, everywhere and anywhere in your human journey it will be there for you.

And from deep within this loving, safe, feeling place give yourself thanks for experiencing this state of grace that is you. And in a moment we will count to five at which time you will awaken, remembering and knowing this feeling very deeply in your body, anywhere and everywhere you are.

One, breathe deeply, bringing back with you this beautiful, safe and loving feeling…two, wiggle your fingers, your toes and your nose and lips…three, breathe again deeply, knowing deep in your heart that this feeling infuses your being…four, you are ready to awaken fully in this present moment…five, open your eyes, be fully aware of yourself, in every which way, lovingly.

And remember that at any time, you merely have to remember this to experience it again. Now, how are you at this moment?

Channeled by Serge J. Grandbois and Transcribed by Ellen Gilbert (Kwaa’Ji)
Recorded in Toronto, Canada on September 24, 2006
Full Session 


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