Here are some recommendations of Elias about generating – not acquiering – money and the reasons why  there is a lack of money. This is a very quick and very effective exercise:

If you are concentrating your attention upon the lack of money, this is what you shall generate.  But if you choose not to concern yourself with generating money or creating money or even acquiring money, it loses its force and that allows you the freedom to express energy differently, which actually does change what you create.

Allowing yourself to relax and trust yourself is tremendously powerful.  I may also express to you, what may be helpful is to incorporate an action of distraction.  In moments in which you notice and you recognize that you are beginning to incorporate tension and worry, distract yourself.  Notice that you are generating that action.  I shall express to you the suggestion that each time you notice you are beginning to generate that type of an expression, allow yourself to turn in one complete circle.

turningNow incorporate an action
of turning in a complete circle,
which shall distract you. 
It shall also humor you, and it shall remind you
to turn your attention and once again be in the moment.


You may notice in a moment that you may be moving your attention to a thought process which expresses that you do not incorporate enough money.

Now; that is an action, thinking of not incorporating enough money.

Now; you also may generate another action in which you may deny yourself certain choices to be generating money.  You limit what is your availability to generate money.  Perhaps you may incorporate a belief that you must engage certain actions in certain directions and that is your only option to be generating money.

Now; what are you doing?  You are concentrating your attention upon a lack.  In this, you may not actually be incorporating much physical action, but you are concentrating your attention upon lacking.  Therefore, you hold yourself in a particular position.

Now; if you allow yourself to notice how much time framework you incorporate in each day in which you are concentrating upon lacking, it shall become easier to turn your attention.  It is initially appearing as the reverse of what it actually is in action.

For the most part, as individuals allow themselves to genuinely notice — even within one day, but perhaps more beneficially incorporating several days — if they are noticing how often they discount themselves or how often they generate an association with lacking or how often they generate an expression of fear, merely the noticing of how many times you incorporate these repeated actions becomes somewhat humorous, and your attention shifts.

For rather than reinforcing that action in automatic responses, you are actually interrupting the pattern merely by objectively noticing how frequently you generate certain expressions.  Within quite a short time framework, you begin to humor yourself with the whole entertainment of the expressions, and you begin to recognize how ludicrous it is.

Elias Session 1416

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