Connecting with the Universal Mind
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I let myself grow calm and serene.
I relax my body.
I imagine the sun above me,
filling my heart with peace and serenity.

I relax my body.
I imagine the sun above me,
filling my heart with peace and serenity.

As I breathe in I imagine
I am surrounded
by the golden light of the sun.
It comes from above
and fills me with light.
My aura is becoming radiant.
Shimmering golden light surrounds me.

My mind is linked with the Universal Mind.
My thoughts reflect its
love, wisdom, and intelligence.

I take a moment to give thanks
for all the good in my life.
My thanks and positive thoughts
link me with the Universal Mind
and draw more good into my life.

I think loving thoughts.
I am magnetic to love.
I draw my higher good to me
with my loving, positive thoughts.

I release thoughts I do not want.
I draw to me thoughts that lift me higher.

I know the Universal Mind
creates perfectly whatever I think about.
I now think about my future.
I make a picture of what I want to create
in some area of my life.

As I think of this area,
I believe I can create my vision.
I affirm that I now have it.
I trust that I can create it.
I picture having it.
I release any thoughts that tell me
I cannot have what I want.

I imagine my mind
as a fine gridwork of light.
It extends higher and higher,
linking me with the Universal Mind.

I send my awareness
up this gridwork of light.
As I do I link with the Universal Mind.

I imagine I meet what I want to create
as it exists as energy and light
in the higher dimensions
before it manifests in the physical world.

I let whatever symbols, pictures, or
light images that come into my mind
be the perfect ones to work with.


I make the energy of
what I want to create
more beautiful.

I now draw it into my reality.
I imagine subatomic particles of light
of what I want to manifest
coming into the core of my being.

I take time to daydream and fantasize
about the future I want to create.
I expand my vision.
I think in unlimited ways.

I welcome into my mind new ideas
about what I can create in this area.

I think positively about having this.
I allow myself to have even more
than I ever dreamed possible.
I know that the universe is abundant.
It is always working with me
and for me.

I now have the life I want !

Orin DaBen 


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