For as you continue to hold your attention to self, you also lend energy in an expression of acceptance with self. Each time you are projecting energy and your attention outside of yourself, you are projecting an expression which mirrors an aspect of lack of acceptance of self.

I am stating to you in taking care not to be creating a
judgment, for even in your noticing of pain, you are turning
your attention to self. You are not concentrating your attention
outside of self. Therefore, notice this as an expression of
holding your attention to self and within self…

Allow yourself to gauge how many times you are expressing
outward in your attention and you are expressing inward in
attention. This may be quite useful to you as an exercise, for this
allows you to objectively view the imbalance…

Do not place a judgment upon this imbalance. View this as an
opportunity and an adventure, that you hold the ability to
alter those choices and to alter that action of your attention, and
therefore, continue to validate self in your acceptance
of self, rather than expressing to yourself … „Oh my! I am turning
my attention outside of myself fifty-three times within
my day, and I am holding my attention to self four times within my
day. I am hopelessly failing!“

Engage a conversation with any other individual for merely few of your minutes, and allow yourself to view where you hold your attention. I shall express to you that we may create a wager that your attention shall be focused upon the other individual…

* No, no, no! Acknowledge that you hold the ability to BE noticing,  for this in itself is an accomplishment…

[* NOTE: Following, Elias expresses how he feels our (or/and the questioner’s) automatic reaction would probably be in the situation given (in any case he’s not suggestion to us to do this:]

Exercise for self-acceptance, by noticing the times your attention is focused outside of yourself, and when it is focused inside. {/josquote}I shall express to you that your automatic action shall be that your attention shall be focused upon the other individual and listening to what the other individual is expressing, and assessing within you your interaction or your thoughts concerning what the other individual is expressing, and your thought shall not automatically move to you in that interaction.

Your attention shall be focused upon the other individual — upon how they are presenting themselves physically, their tone of voice, their movement, their expression, their words, their thoughts … all that they are creating, you shall be noticing, and your attention shall be absorbed in their expression, and you shall not be paying attention to what is occurring within self.

And in this, you may challenge yourself in dispute of what I have expressed to you, and if you are accomplishing this action of NOT focusing your attention upon the other individual and you ARE holding your attention with self, I shall offer to you an energy burst immediately.


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