The Pruning Shears of Revision

Pruning ShearsYou can revise the day to please yourself and by experiencing in imagination the revised speech and actions not only modify the trend of your life story but turn all its discords into harmonies. The one who discovers the secret of revision cannot do otherwise than let himself be guided by love. Your effectiveness will increase with practice. Revision is the way by which right can find its appropriate might.

Now I ask you to continue to test your creative power by practicing revision. If you hear something that is unlovely, don’t accept it, but instantly revise it. Hear the words that ought to have been spoken and persuade yourself, to the best of your ability, that it is so.

… But I am not sent to tell you the smooth things or the pleasing things. But I can tell you – through the one thing I have brought to tell you, which is revision – it isn’t hopeless. You can, if the day is unpleasant, revise it. And if tomorrow the results are not before you, and the next week and the next month, they are not before you, I know that by your revision you will change the events, when once again you must come to that moment in time. And so you will change the pattern, for the wheel is turning and you can’t stop it.

Imagination creates Reality…. You revise an incident of the day and relive it as you wanted it, and you persuade yourself that what you wanted took place. You do it over and over until it becomes real, vividly real, and fills your mind in place of the unlovely happening.  And revision results in repeal.  So the thing you have been keeping alive will now change according to the revised image.  You will then discover that Imagination creates Reality.

… changing your thinking, thereby changing your belief, which causes a corresponding change in your world… Revise now and not put it off until a later date. This is so true! Imagining creates reality, for waiting will cause you to find the problem more difficult to overcome, so change it the moment you sense it. Always revise now!

If you take me seriously today, tonight, do not let the sun descend upon any vexation of the day. Just look at it, don’t deny it, don’t duck it, look at it that you may prune it and then reshape it. Take the conversations with your friends today, were they pleasant, were they arguments, no matter what it is, were they negative? 
Then rewrite the script and just imagine the conversation to have taken place that now you are rewriting for the first time. And it will take place, for everything in your world that you behold,  though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination


Neville Goddard is perhaps one of the great mystics of all times. He spent his entire adult life studying the Bible and Blake. His mystical vision was supported by personal experiences by which he re-wrote the meaning of scripture. His view was that all scripture is about you…  The nature of Jesus Christ is the nature of humanity, and that nature is „our own wonderful human imagination.“


[ The tool of revision works naturally for the whole past! bl ]
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