Now; in this, you may practice a small exercise, which you may generate within any moment within your day. As you begin to notice that you are generating an automatic response — which in itself at times may be quite tricky, for automatic responses are precisely that, automatic — but as you notice that you arebeginning to generate an automatic response and you recognize that this is not what you want to do, allow yourself to stop momentarily and within yourself offer yourself one point, for you have noticed rather than discounting yourself. Interrupt that pattern and offer yourself one point, and allow yourself to incorporate the physical action of chuckling, laughter, intentionally, for this also is an action that shall interrupt the automatic pattern.

Now; once you have offered yourself a point and you have engaged the action of laughter, inquire within yourself, what do you actually want to do in that moment? And regardless of what your response to yourself is, allow yourself to choose it. Elias

This is a very important exercise, because life is very determined by automatism which means, automatic responses to the active belief systems. As long as they are not recognized, free choice is impossible. There are of course a lot of useful automatism, but even these must be seen to be able to choose deliberately.


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