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Looking for Treasures

The most needed thing in reality creation are high emotional vibrations which attract the desired events into physical reality. They can be produced in imagination while watching the already fulfilled desires and they can be collected by remembering high emotional feelings in the past and high emotional feelings which are covered by the shadow of […]

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The Magic

Each of you manifests within any focus of attention – which is what you are physically now – in an expression of individuality and a highly expressed manifestation of uniqueness, and what creates your reality is your perception. Therefore, I have stated recently, it matters not what you are creating physically within your reality – […]

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Express Yourself

Wenn du den Eindruck hast, dass du dich nicht frei ausdrücken kannst, dass du dich nicht im Einklang mit deinen Vorlieben ausdrücken kannst,  dass du dich nicht authentisch ausdrückst… dann gibt es hier eine großartige Übung von Elias : In deinen Interaktionen mit anderen Individuen – und in dem du dir selbst und deiner Energie […]

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I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to […]

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Self Acceptance

I shall express to you, within this now, your most efficient direction of procedure, so to speak, in the expression of  acceptance of self shall be to hold your attention with self — to exercise your thoughts, your energy, your attention in the direction of self — and to be allowing yourself to notice, within […]

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