Each of you manifests within any focus of attention – which is what you are physically now – in an expression of individuality and a highly expressed manifestation of uniqueness, and what creates your reality is your perception. Therefore, I have stated recently, it matters not what you are creating physically within your reality – be it an action, be it an interaction with another individual or a situation or even with yourself, be it a physical creation of any element of physical matter, be it an encounter of physical outer senses with what you have created within your physical dimension, such as your trees, your mountains, your rivers, your oceans, any creatures – ANY element within your physical reality that you view to be an expression of objective physical manifestation matters not.

What holds importance is your perception of that, for your perception holds the ability to physically alter ANY element that you design within your physical reality, even a planet, a star, an atmosphere, a mountain, a rock. ANY element that you perceive in your reality may be instantly reconfigured to be precisely expressed in a different form dependent upon your attention which is projected through your perception, for your perception IS the element of your reality which creates your reality.

magicTherefore, within one moment you may view a structure that you identify as a house, and within the next moment, you may physically fix your vision upon that very same object and it may appear to you to be an elephant, and it shall be, within that moment. This is not trickery of your physical vision. This is not a configuration of imagination. This is the configuration of your perception, and what you perceive IS your reality. Elias

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