OsterinselThe most needed thing in reality creation are high emotional vibrations which attract the desired events into physical reality. They can be produced in imagination while watching the already fulfilled desires and they can be collected by remembering high emotional feelings in the past and high emotional feelings which are covered by the shadow of doubt and fear.

A good means ist to be attentive to the successes in life and to all what is accepted fully, like special skills or body-looking. This collection of high vibrational emotions can be took anywhere and used as an endless stream flowing into the desired visions. I have made a little list under „more“ which can be filled out quietly and which helps to find out where the attention goes.

Nothing in life – nothing – is so useful as good vibrations, as enthusiasm, exaltation and love, which I define as wisdom and appreciation. Each individual should have this ultimate collection of „mental tools“ which, together with imagination and visions, bring all desires into reality.

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