Motivation – Personal Growth – Self-Creation

The question is rather why not? If we suppose, that the world is created from „inside“ – and all speaks in favour of this – then it is imperativ to know one self and to uncover the own far-reaching abilities.

The more and more complex and accelerating world asks for a global overview and fast actions. It needs a readiness and openness for new situations and multiple events. This  readiness and openness is only possible, if the personality is growing as fast  as the complexity of the world – even faster – if not, stress and overburden  are programmed.  

The easiest way to release the own potential are activation rituals which open the door to the own self. This activation ritual is imagination, the force of vision, which is the bridging between „inside“ and „outside“, between the intention and the experience of it.

Everybody has already all abilities. The point is, to use them, to practice it, which is often not the case in the day to day doing. Seminars and coaching are an occasion to remember and – most of all – to practice, to install new, more sophisticated mental tools.

I offer a method – just another word for ritual – to free and develop the innovative abilities and  increase dramatically the overview and orientation for yourself  and therefore also for others. The only premise is „to know not to know“ and this famous  sentence of Socrates relates of course to the undiscovered Human Ressources  of emotions, intuitions and inspirations – of knowing – and  these Ressources are wisdom and 

Wisdom is Magic, is Power, is Force 


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