As you allow yourself to genuinely turn your attention to you – genuinely turn your attention to YOU – and allow yourself to relax and quiet yourself and discontinue PUSHING, you also generate an energy expression that allows you to trust, to trust your expressions, to trust your choices and to trust your ability – which is key – to trust your ability to generate what you want without force, that you shall merely manifest it and that you need not doubt.

Trust is a POWERFUL expression: acceptance of yourself that you are worthy of your trust, acceptance of yourself that you do incorporate abilities and that merely through energy you may generate what you want as you trust yourself and do not doubt.

Let me express to you, my friend, a very common process that individuals within your physical dimension incorporate throughout your globe is to allow themselves successive movement. This is neither good nor bad. It is merely a process that many, many, many individuals incorporate in association with your beliefs.

Now; you recognize this process that I shall be expressing to you also, and in the recognition of it you may incorporate this action to reinforce an expression of trust within yourself. In accepting of yourself and knowing that energy manifests – and it does, for all is energy – allow yourself the recognition in this process that if you are generating one step to allow yourself calm and [to] relax and to discontinue pushing, that step shall be influential of the next step, which is to trust yourself and what you hold in ability and what you may be choosing to manifest physically, and that you need NO OTHER ELEMENT but a trust of that ability and an allowance of your expression of energy, quite LITERALLY.

You need not incorporate your paper currency; you need not incorporate other individuals. You, yourself, may generate merely through the trust of your projection of energy the manifestation of what you want. It may outwardly appear to you that other individuals shall be in involvement, but it shall also become clear to you that all of your ducks shall move into place naturally. You need not line them up. They shall move to you merely in response to your projection of energy.

Once generating that in the succession of the process, as you begin to manifest physically what you want for you are trusting, you reinforce that trust and allow yourself more of an expression of creativity, of diversity; and what occurs in that action is an opening of yourself in energy and consciousness and that generates a beacon which resonates within consciousness and allows you to draw to yourself many expressions that offer you opportunities naturally.

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