Treantea is a contradictory method of equalizing expectations in order to be aware of alternate information, providing the best of all possible worlds, in a sense. This exercise is a way to access alternatives to your current internal information so as to allow you to be aware of additional probabilities that would be more fulfilling of your desires.

The following practice is an exciting way to allow you to begin to treantea, but is not the way to continue. It is a “baby steps” way in order for you to get the concept intellectually. We suggest that you do it for a while and then let it go as a practice in order to do it intuitively.

Trust yourself to be allowing your thoughts to enter your mind like poker players showing up for a late night game. There is a table in the center of your mind that is loaded with poker chips and beers. This is a beautiful thought, is it not? You may add whatever assortment of munchies you’d like, we suggest potato chips, but don’t confuse them with the poker chips and eat the wrong ones.

Now allow your thoughts to drift in like the players do when they meet at the table. We suggest there will be one player who is a dominant player, a loud and sassy one who postures quite a bit and who wears a funny hat. This treantea player is the thought that you are beginning with, so to speak. In other words, he is the one you want to take to the bank. We expect you are laughing now, and this is good! There is no reason to be serious about this wonderful treantea way, it is contradictory to your natures to be so, and that is not a good or bad thing!

Now, we will continue. The player with the funny hat is going to be anteing up quite a few chips. The other players gather and call him on his ante. They are your contradictory thoughts and they are saying, “That’s not the winning hand, mine is!” They are saying that your main thought is not the only one worth considering. There are potentially infinite numbers of hands, or probabilities, worth considering, and some of them will certainly beat the funny hat player’s hand. So this is how you can consider alternate voices, so to speak, in relation to the glorious probabilities in treantea. And each of them antes up as much as they’d like in order to beautifully put their money where their mouths are, so to speak. They represent things that you are not yet aware of, so you may beautifully give them voice as well. They might say, “Trust us! We represent a beautiful set of probabilities that you may enjoy much more than his. For god’s sake, why would you consider trusting a guy wearing a hat like that?!”

 Now, what happens next? Say you find that one of the players has a winning hand. We suggest it is not always going to be the guy in the funny hat. This is the point. Why did you not consider this before? It is perhaps the best, most wonderful thing you might ever have considered, but because you were so distracted by the loud, sassy player attached to the bottom of the hat, you were unable to even see it before. So, while it doesn’t matter who wins, and this is the point, you are only considering probabilities, we suggest that you are always the winner. We suggest you always take home the pile of chips that has been provided you on the table along with the beers and the other contradictory treantea that has just occurred in order to free you of the loud guy in the hat. Do you understand? You may bring in all the chips and free yourself of the need to invest in any one player or another.

This is the point of treantea. You are the chips. You are the players. You are all of them, you are all of the properly attenuated probabilities, so it is incumbent upon you to allow anything to happen because you will be the one who experiences it and you must not consider it too strongly because it prevents you from being in the now. So after you have cleared the table, so to speak, you may rest in the room, in order to rest in Rose. This is the point, to rest in your own awareness without giving too much energy to one particularly future outcome or another. We suggest you try this experience for a while and be aware that you will be doing this without the need for the poker table in the future, but this is entirely up to you. We expect you to in any case be the winner of every game!

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Treantea Practice Part Two:
The Poker Players Float to the Sky

Treantea is in many ways what you typically do when you allow yourself to go with the flow. We suggest that you read the Treantea Poker Players Practice in order to internalize the treantea methods, for the exercises will provide you a large degree of focused awareness with your essence self leading your expectations and probable futures. We unwary essences do allow you to choose your future and past probabilities, so you can trust yourselves to do so by following these simple steps in order to allow yourself to incorporate many more future possibilities that you would find fulfilling… more than you’ve ever dreamed of!

The last time we saw our super poker players was, in your terms, while you were collecting your chips from the night’s play. We suggest that you were very satisfied with your loot, so you can rest in Rose to assure that you enjoy the benefit of your belongings, for they are indeed the results of your excellent recognition of your many wonderful probabilities. We suggest that while you are hauling in your loot, that you imagine for a moment that the loot is so very much in need of a good hauling device, such as a shovel or a truck, that you don’t know exactly what to do with all of it. We suggest you do the following.
{xtypo_sticky} The way you would think about your many beautiful probabilities in some ways would be indicating of your beliefs about them. We trust you will excellently include in your dreamscape the idea that you are deserving of all of your beautiful, fulfilling probabilities, so as to enjoy the richness of your being. {/xtypo_sticky}The way you may view the beautiful riches in many ways indicates so many things that you would do well to interest yourselves in. How many things do you have on your table? We suggest that the items—including your inanimate items such as peace, love, and serenity—are also included, and will take up so much space in your room that they will reach to the ceiling. We suggest that the items do indeed push through your ceiling and into the sky about your space for you do indeed know that the universe is infinite. We suggest that your desires are as well.

The way you would know if you desires are indeed your truest desires will in some ways be obvious. Do they want to be included on your table or don’t they? We suggest that your desires know what they want to be attached to, and what they don’t, and the desires that you do not want will continue upwards into your sky in order to find another spot to rest in your probabilities. We suggest they will show up on another poker table in another time and space.

The way your probabilities so want to find you in some ways will be obvious as well. What do the desires do when they reach the sky? Do they allow themselves to change into other things? We suggest that when your desires reach the sky, some will float aimlessly, in your terms, until they find out how to light your way to them. We suggest they will make a small universe of probable desires met so as to allow you to float towards them and let them make a new home for you. We suggest you will find the new home very luxurious, so as to provide you what will be the most impressive improbable life you can imagine.

We suggest that your improbable natures are indeed what will create your improbable futures, for you will find that your improbable futures are indeed often your probable ones. We suggest this sounds contrary, and it should, for your futures are in many ways contrary to your current expectations. We suggest that you will be adjusting your expectations using this exercise, so as to retreat from your home of improbable improbabilities in order to discern what you truest desires really are.
{xtypo_sticky}The way you will find your truest desires will be to allow yourself to be guided there by your own innate intuition. Your intuition will in your terms be your strongest ally, for it will interest you in your desires that are truly those that will bring you fulfillment. The way your intuition was designed is as a kind of gyroscope that always orients you in your creating of your universe and its many probabilities. No matter where you are in the universe, your intuition is always guiding you, first and foremost, to your truest desires. {/xtypo_sticky} Trust that you will be drawn to exactly the right probabilities and the right universe of your creation. We suggest that your poker players will indeed always generate the beautifully indulgent improbable probabilities that you will use to move beyond your own limiting beliefs so as to create entire new galaxies for you. We trust you will.


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