VeilNow is a time of great decision.  To see or not to see?  To free or not to free?  Will you make your leap, or return to sleep?  It is soooooo very difficult…….is it not?……. to relax again, to fade again into familiar, blissful Limitation Slumber?  Aaaaaaaaaaaah.  It would be so nice. 

It is becoming difficult to turn away from that steady sounding of internal, activating tones–programmed and nested, so long ago–in anticipation of a time just like this one.  A time of remembrance. A time to arise, and seize your day!  

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We’ve never been very far from you.  Just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all those essential „Bridge Concepts“ that can reconnect you to the vastness of who and what you are.  And what is that?   In a word:  EVERYTHING.  You are All of It, pretending, for awhile, to be Some of It.

And so…….as life moves you closer, ever closer……… to that time of Grand Acceleration, you wonder what is left of that „old“ way of being……that old familiar dance of Limitation, Cause, and Effect?


The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable, etheric membrane that surrounds the consciousness of everyone who enters the World of Form.  It is the protectorate of the senses, lest you be overwhelmed by an influx of images, sounds, and feelings.  And yet, here upon Earth, there are those who ARE feeling this influx—in what seems like merciless ways!  And we are here to salute you, as well……..and to send comfort in your labor pains.  What you do now you do for all humanity.

Indeed……….between a ROCK and  HARD PLACE………that is where many of you find yourselves wedged, at this time!  And in the thinning………or even the total erosion of that protective Veil……there is a rush of remembrance that is bringing…… some cases……pain and anxiety, like a knife in the heart!  And, in other situations, there feels to be a mounting up—with wings of eagles—to the heights of heaven, glory and bliss……..which can often be followed by a resounding crash, as you fall back onto Earth’s stony crust.

The HARD PLACE of which we speak refers to your stepping through that Gate, your own particular portal to Multiversal points unknown. To be transformed, and to make your leap!  Do you dare?  Can you muster courage to commit all that you have and are¹—so you can allow passage to wherever and whatever your soul feels bound?  And who is it that is calling the shots on this journey, anyway?  Aye, there’s the rub!  Your conscious mind is anxious, having once been assigned the task of sorting wheat from chaff, keeping you safe as you wander through this Land of Limitation.

Equally HARD is surrendering the urge……..nay, the NECESSITY…… review all blueprints for each journey before you step through the portals……..a practice which (alas!) cannot endure, at this velocity of energy movement.  By the time you have pondered and wondered, and checked over all the „details“ of your (proposed) flight(s)…….the time for your departure is past, and you are left standing, frozen in a bewilderment of hesitation and doubt.

The whole transmission is here: The Reconnections 

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