Holy spirit

Question: How does the Holy Spirit work in this world?

Bashar: All right. Again, the idea is that our perception of, what you call, the Holy Spirit is the collective electromagnetic mentality, the actual energy out of which all of your individual minds are created.

Spirit, meant in this terminology, is literally a physiological phenomena, an electrical phenomena, an electromagnetic phenomena. It is the literal light of your world, of your consciousness.

And again, the way it works is as follows: it is an energy sea in which all of you, as individual components, are immersed. And being immersed in that sea, when you align with it electromagnetically, by accelerating your vibration in ways we have discussed — excitement and so forth, service and so forth, positivity and so forth, you then become of the spirit.

And what that basically means is you flow in harmony with all other beings; you telepathically link with all other beings, and know all thought. Because the idea is that telepathy is actually more precisely defined as teleempathy, because it is emotionally activated by love. When you love someone as unconditionally as you can, you identify with them very strongly. When you identify with someone very strongly, you are matching their frequency very closely. When you match their frequency very closely, you are translating the spirit, the electromagnetic energy of consciousness into the same type of thought patterns at the same time.

Telepathy is not literally reading each other’s thoughts directly, as you mean it. It is having thoughts so similar, at the same time, that you simply are on the same wave length, and you know what each other is thinking, because you think that way too. Because you love them, you identify with them; you are in the spirit with them; you are immersed in that energy sea of consciousness with them. You love them; you flow with them; you are shining within the light with them. That is the idea of what you call the Holy Spirit and how it moves you. And also, that’s where the connotation of „speaking in tongues“ comes from. Speaking in tongues is actually a reference to teleempathic communication. Simply that you transcend the idea of language altogether.

It can manifest, to some degree, as the idea of manifesting different cultural dialects. But the overall meaning of the phrase actually has to do with being in touch with each other teleempathically. That’s why, if you have observed this in your society, from time to time, individuals that you call being in love with each other will very often know each other’s thoughts. Because they identify so strongly with each other, and they are matching each other’s frequencies; and they are literally mirroring to each other who they are.

Channeled by Darryl Anka


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