We want to make three powerful statements to you, and if these are the only three things you ever hear, they will be enough.

1 The ONLY problem, the ONLY thing that causes you any trouble, the only thing that slows you down, the only thing that keeps you from what you want, the only thing that makes you sick is RESISTANCE.

2 Resistance is always accompanied by negative emotion, negative emotion and/or pain – in other words pain is an extension of the same thing, physical discomfort.

3 Resistance is always always always pushing against something.

Achieve, first, the vibrational essence of your desire—and then, through

The crack of least resistance

the manifestation will be delivered…

Work on the essence of the feeling of freedom
Work on the essence of the feeling of empowerment
Work on the essence of the feeling of Well-Being…

And how do you do that?

You can imagine it already having happened and pretend what it will feel like when it is that way. Or, you can look for things in your life that are already like that and beat the drum of that until they play a higher percentage of time in the vibrational signal that you are emanating.

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