waveLet me offer you an example. First of all, I shall express to you, yes, as you verbally express, there is a different interaction within the interaction of time than the expression of a thought process. Now, let me offer you an example in visual terms that you may be understanding.

Within consciousness, visualize your thoughts as merely waves within your air. They are within the time framework within your physical focus. Therefore, time is affecting of them and they are affecting of time to an extent, but they are as air waves that may be to your viewing invisible and floating within your air, as your air may be the expression of the time element itself.

Now; introducing into this air, you may view the expression of verbalization as a chemical reaction within your air. In this, you may look to the reaction within the air as a sort of condensation, in a manner of speaking, to which certain molecules may be collecting together, as you are instructing the links of consciousness to be coming together to form an actual solid object, in a very similar manner to molecules forming together to form water droplets that may become rain or mist. There becomes a thickness of these molecules that you may actually physically view. Apart from each other, you may not necessarily view the actual physical form of water. Within your air, as the molecules are more farther spread from each other, you may feel the effect of what you term to be humidity, but you do not see within your air the actual droplets of water.

In like manner, thought processes are in existence within your physical consciousness within physical dimensions, but they are not necessarily acquiring physical form and thickness within your dimension, for they have not been directed in this manner. The links of consciousness are not being directed to be moving together to form an actual solid object or form.

In the expression verbally within your language, you lend more energy to the creation of solidity within your time element. You create a physical interaction with your time framework and the energy expressed of your desire and your thought process. Therefore, your impulses of your thoughts move into a physical interaction with your time framework, and this is creating of a new direction with the links of consciousness, moving those links of consciousness, which are the thought processes, into more of a thickness.

In this, it is quite similar to the action of the humidity within your air, that you feel but you do not see, moving into a collectiveness of the molecules coming together and bonding themselves into actual water droplets, becoming an actual physical form that you may in actuality view physically and you may touch, and this interacts with all of your physical senses, for it now holds an element of solidity.

This is the action of your time element upon the creation of instruction of links of consciousness to be moving together to form physical mass.

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