Later we will discuss some of the reasons for your beliefs, but for now I simply want you to recognize them.

I am going to list some limiting false beliefs. If you find yourself „agreeing“ with any of them, then recognize this is an area in which you must personally work.

{xtypo_quote}1. Life is a valley of sorrows.

2. The body is inferior. As a vehicle of the soul it is automatically degraded, tinged.

You may feel that the flesh is inherently bad or evil, that its appetites are wrong. Christians may find the body deplorable, thinking that the soul descended into it – „descent“ automatically meaning the change from a higher or better condition to one that is worse.

Followers of Eastern religions often feel it their duty, also, to deny the flesh, to rise above it, so to speak, into a state where nothing is desired. Using a different vocabulary, they still believe that earth experience is not desirable in itself.

3. I am helpless before circumstances that I cannot control.

4. I am helpless because my personality and character were formed in infancy, and I am at the mercy of my past.

5. I am helpless because I am at the mercy of events from past lives in other incarnations, over which I now have no control. I must be punished, or I am punishing myself for unkindnessess done to others in past lives. I must accept the negative aspects of my life because of my karma.

6. People are basically bad, and out to get me.

7. I have the truth and no one else has. Or, my group has the truth and no other group has.

8. I will grow frailer, sicker, and lose my powers as I grow old.

9. My existence is dependent upon my experience in flesh. When my body dies my consciousness dies with it.{/xtypo_quote}

That was a rather general list of false beliefs. Now here is a more specific list of more intimate beliefs, any of which you may have personally about yourself.

{xtypo_quote}1. I am sickly, and always have been.

2. There is something wrong with money. People who have it are greedy, less spiritual than those who are poor. They are unhappier, and snobs.

3. I am not creative. I have no imagination.

Next: I can never do what I want to do.

Next: People dislike me.

Next: I am fat.

Then 7: I always have bad luck.{/xtypo_quote}

These are all beliefs held by many people. Those who have them will meet them in experience. Physical data will always seem to reinforce the beliefs, therefore, but the beliefs formed the reality. We are going to attempt to knock down such limiting concepts.

Roberts, Jane. The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book. Notes by Robert Butts. Amber-Allen Publishing: San Rafael, California. 1974, 1994. (pp.23-24) Session 614, 1972 September 13

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