I express to you to be creating your wants and not to be allowing the duplicity of obstacles, for you are quite efficient at creating many, many obstacles for yourselves and expressing discouragement, and subsequently expressing to yourselves that you cannot be accomplishing, for you have placed too many obstacles before you. Very incorrect!

All of the obstacles that appear within your path, so to speak, are your own creations of your own obstacles! Therefore, you may remove them also, as efficiently as you place them within your path.

In this, each obstacle that you view, visualize this obstacle, regardless of its size, and measure, and be creating within your visual a pillar, a column. Each time you view an obstacle, create this pillar or this column within your visual, and move it!

Create your own object that you may physically move, and express to this pillar or this column, ‘You have been placed in my way. Now you shall move, and I shall place you here and I shall continue upon my sojourn, and you shall be to the side, and I shall create without the obstacles.

There is no element within your physical focus, if you are trusting of yourself, that you may not create!

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