In most of society, power is based either on finance or fear. Of course, those societies that rely totally on fear as the base of their power structure do not last very long, and you can see that if you look at your recent history. Those who use a financial structure for power might last for quite a long time by holding on to land. Many dirty tricks are practiced to maintain this power structure, but it is really based on finance.

Now, when you come to personal power, you are speaking of something entirely different. That is, for people to realize their personal power the true power resides in that which is termed „knowing who you are.“ Having a high regard for who you are and appreciating the reality of each human – one’s own potential, one’s own extraordinary beingness as a perfect and eternal expression of Source – you have, in a way, a divine right to exist and to be who you are.

Of course, where personal power is in an external sense limited by government or limited by somebody else’s power over you, then you might say, „Well, where does the power really reside?“ We say to you that personal power is a choice – the exercising of choice, in fact. You choose to be who you really are; choose love over fear, choose to come to know more about who you are and choose to endeavor to reach your full potential, in whatever way that might be. And you know, that kind of power is not aggressive. So you could say that the true power lies within the vulnerability to be seen to be who you really are.


(Question): Can you talk more about your analogy that in order to
understand how we have such total amnesia about any other reality
we’re from, we could compare ourselves to a native in a small
isolated village in South America?

Really, it is that the focus of consciousness is so highly refined. The
focus of interest, even with your day to day, is a very extraordinarily
fine and narrow focus.

It is also a matter of education. You, as citizens of a country that has
communication, can know, if you are interested, what is occurring in the
rest of the world, whereas when somebody lives in isolation without any
communication whatsoever, his or her focus is indeed totally local.
However, that does not mean that it is less focused or less
knowledgeable, only that it is different, you understand?

By this we mean that someone who is raised in an isolated village in the
jungle of South America knows every plant and every creature, and this
person is very finely attuned to the seasons, to weather, to the
movement of stars, to what the Earth is doing at this moment and every
moment, and this person knows his or her place within that framework. So
in a way, although it is a very fine focus, it is an intense focus,
whereas for many people in your society at this time the focus is very
broad, but could indeed be quite shallow.


Now in terms of knowing about other realities, the first thing is that
many people are aware of them, but they have not been educated to know
there is such a thing, or, if so, they believe that it must be something
so remote from their day-to-day life that it is not worth considering.
It is when you come to be educated to know that you are surrounded by
other realities that are just beyond your normal range of perception
that you will take the time to broaden your focus to be able to accept
or experience it.

Many of you believe that the difference between your day-to-day Now
reality and that which is of a different dimensional reality must be
separated by a wall of concrete. In fact it is gossamer, the lightest of
veils – sometimes it is just an out-breath to step, in consciousness,
into another dimensional reality.

Of course, you do pass from dimension to dimension all the time – as you
are dreaming, as you are imagining, as you are sleeping, as you are
joyous, as you are in love and so forth. You might have heightened
awareness at these times of other realities or other states of being. Is
that fairly clear?

(Question): That’s fairly clear. So, just being aware that there are
other realities actually within reach can help people to be more
conscious of them.

Yes, it can. You know, beloved, first take note of how you are being,
because the truth is that you do step into other realities, and you
indeed have had much experience of that at many levels – consciously, I
am saying. The point of this is that much of the time it is so – we
would say – normal. It is so normal a feeling that you do not notice
that it is in fact a little different from what is usual.

(Question): Okay. I know there’s some judgment here, but sometimes I
think that somehow other people who can do this are much more evolved
than I am. (Laughs.) I know that it isn’t actually so, but sometimes
I do get that „poor me, I can’t do these things“ feeling.

Indeed, and of course it is not so.

(Question): Speaking of other realities, is there a frequency fence
around Earth at this time, or was there ever something that stopped
higher frequencies from reaching the Earth?

No. The frequencies are always there. It is a matter of whether or not
they are able to be perceived.

(Question): So it’s on our end. Because the other part of that
question was whether our energies of discord and negativity are being
fanned – like fanning a fire – so that other entities in other realities
can farm them and increase their own energy.

We would say that this is not a correct interpretation at all. The
energy of discord and the emotional and mental diseasement created by
erroneous belief structures make it so that what is of a higher
frequency is not perceived.

To say that there are entities promoting discord . . . in fact, there
are people on your own planet promoting discord, never mind those from
elsewhere. And there are always on your planet people who benefit from
discord and dis-easement, from that energy. But as we have said before,
the truth of it is that what is based on fear does not last. It is
self-destructive. That which is based on love and that which stems from
love . . . that energy is perceivable throughout the multiverses,
individually and collectively. It is much more powerful.


(Question): I have a question from a guy who loves the way love is
taught, but can’t seem to get his head around the fact that the God
of his Catholic background doesn’t seem to be there. When you say
that he is a part of Source and not an individual as he understands it,
you have completely lost him. Can you perhaps explain it to him in
simpler terms?

All right. Let us simply say that not only are each of you part of the
Source-ness, but you are – this is a synergy, if you like – each an
individual with your own choices, your own freedom to be what you
choose. However, in the larger picture, each one of you is part of an
energetic frequency called Source.

Humanity is not alone in this. Everything in existence is part, is a
thought form, of Source. So you can say that every species is a thought
form, whether it is a species of animal, mineral or vegetable. All of
it, all of it – the planets themselves, the galaxies themselves – are
all thought forms of Source. That is probably the easiest way we can
describe that.

And human consciousness has individual choice in every moment – in a way
has created it to be so. Now, of course, this does not fit in with the
idea of a terrible God who is judging you all at every moment, giving
you black marks if you do not match up to some idea of whatever
religious dogma is in your life.

We say to you that to personify God likened unto a man, but bigger and
more powerful, is really minimizing what God truly is. For human
consciousness to grasp the idea of God or Source – we would prefer to
say Source rather than God – it is necessary to just look at your world,
the entire natural world, and say, „This, as I am, is a thought form
of Source.“ If you look at the stars in the heavens and say,
„They also are thought forms of the Source,“ then how can you
indeed minimize Source as some superstitious idea?

(Question): And what you’ve said leads me perfectly into the next
question. In the book Act of Faith, you’re quoted as saying,
„I’ve scurried all over the sky and have not found him,“
speaking of God and the fact that there is no God separate from us.
Isn’t God more than the sum of the separate systems of realities
that he has created? Isn’t Source bigger than creation?

Of course. But you see, that „bigness“ is so huge that human
consciousness cannot really perceive what it might be. So that is what
we are saying. You look at your universe and say, „If these are
thought forms of Source, then indeed how grand must Source be?“

(Question): Yes. We can’t even grasp the concepts of the multiverses
and the fact that there are billions and billions and billions of
galaxies beyond us, so I don’t think we stand a chance with Source.
But I like what you are saying about looking at each of the creations as
a thought form of that.

And in a way, you can look at that which is man-made and say, „These
are thought forms of humanity brought into material existence,“
because everything exists as thought before it can be made manifest in
physicality, you understand? Everything exists as consciousness, as
energy and consciousness, before it can be made manifest.


(Question): You talked a minute ago about free will and that that’s
what we’ve chosen on this planet. We have a question from a man who
understands he has free will in this lifetime, but in his concept of
free will, he says he would not freely choose to come back to this
planet. I guess this has been a hard life.

He already has chosen, as did you all. And what you choose is your game
plan before your birthing. You choose your family, you choose your
gender, your race, your social place, one might say. You choose all of
these things in which to experience a human existence. Within that game
plan that you have chosen, you have free will to choose how you will be
with this game plan, how you will be with what you create, both
consciously and unconsciously. And all of this is so that you can have
further experiences and come to know more about who you are. And, of
course, one of those things is how you deal with what you create or

(Question): This goes into the question of why would we choose a life of
pain, and if that is what we’ve chosen, how do we deal with it?

Well, whether it is physical pain or emotional pain, you have created it
to learn more, to expand more, to come to know a grand truth. Now, you
would say, why would you choose a life of pain? You know, in the greater
reality, this lifetime that you are leading now is only one of many,
many, many lifetimes. In a way, it is just that a lifetime is an
in-breath or an out-breath, and you, at soul level, desire to experience

Nothing in the greater reality is a good thing or a bad thing. It merely
is. The only thing that is important is how you deal with it, what you
learn from it. How can you know more about love in this experience? When
you really understand that you are eternal beings who are experiencing
multitudinous lifetimes in one Now, then you have an idea. And even that
idea in many ways is of assistance to you, to be able to transform the
pain or the hardship into something else.

(Question): A question occurred to me while you were talking about that.
Why, if we’re all connected, would each of us want to experience
everything there is to experience? Am I making sense?

You are, in a way, when you consider that you are all connected as
thought forms of creation. You are all connected as a living body of
collective consciousness. However, you are still individuals, and you
are still making an individual journey and, as such, individual choices.
You see, the bottom line is that you choose it all, and it is all
perfect. That is very difficult to comprehend when you are in the swamp
up to your neck in alligators!

(Question): Boy, is that the truth! (Laughs.)

Remember that to drain the swamp was the original intention.

(Question): I guess when I look deeper at that question, it’s more,
`What’s it all about?“

It is a game, beloved. Do not lose sight of the fact that it is all a

(Question): And it never ends?

In your perception it does not – or we might say to you is that it is
only a small portion of a larger game.


(Question): You know, P’taah, the more I learn, the more I know
there is to learn. It scares the heck out of me sometimes how much more
there is. I just begin to grasp this one infinitesimal piece, and all of
a sudden it’s like being in a roomful of mirrors. It just goes on

You know, beloved, that is why your quantum physicists have so much fun.
Because there is no end to it.

(Question): Yes, there is something almost reassuring in that there is
no end to it. (Laughs.)

Indeed. When you can grasp that you are eternal, even that simple fact
makes a great deal of difference to how you are in your life.

(Question): Well, I don’t think I ever, at least not for a long
time, doubted the eternal part.

You might not, but many people do, and indeed the religion of your
society teaches that you are only eternal if you are a very good boy or

(Question): I think that my thought is more like, „Eternal, but in
what form?“

In multitudinous forms, because much of it is without any physicality.

(Question): And it doesn’t get boring. You keep assuring me that it
does not get boring.

Indeed, beloved, we do promise you that it does not get boring!


(Question): Our last question is from a woman who understands that
kingdoms are concerned because the angelic realm is withdrawing, and we
as human angels have to assume the overlighting role.

All right, let us simply say this. All beings sentient beings, have
concerns about what is occurring upon your plane. What you are speaking
of is lightbeings. These are beings of expanded consciousness without
physicality; that is what you call an angel. They are not withdrawing,
and they never have withdrawn nor will they ever. They exist, and you
might say that a fragment of that consciousness is in the guardianship
of galaxies. Nothing is being withdrawn. That is a fallacy. You
understand? Civilizations come and go – civilization on this planet,
civilization on other planets. And we can say that nothing is ever
really lost; it’s just not available to your consciousness at this

(Question): So what of the future? Will we get through it?

You have no future. You only have Now. That which you have chosen,
termed „this lifetime,“ is as you create it to be. If you
remember that you are eternal, if you remember that this is only one
game of many games that you are playing in many different dimensions of
reality, then you might become more lighthearted and have the courage to
make your choices out of love and fun and joy and happiness, instead of
out of the fear that you are not enough or that you might make a wrong

(Question): That is incredible advice. Thank you.

All right, beloved. Sufficient unto the time. We thank you and with
grandest love, issue forth, to each and every one of you, Namaste!  


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