Healing your physical bodies is another of those things that is so simple and so easy! Yet you often make it complicated and hard.

Your physical bodies and every single cell in them have their own individual consciousness and intelligence. Your bodies and every cell know their natural state is perfect health and well-being. If you left them to their own resources, if you will, they would naturally and automatically heal themselves of any imbalances or dis-eases.

In fact, most of you have had symptoms of various so-called terminal diseases in your lifetimes, often without any conscious awareness of them. You probably didn’t go to a medical doctor for tests during those times. The doctors and their diagnoses didn’t put the fear of death into you.

So your bodies naturally, easily, and quickly restored themselves to their natural state of perfect health and balance. All without your participation, and often without your conscious awareness.

Why? Because you didn’t have a chance to get in their way.

So John’s tactic of ignoring his eye doctor’s negative diagnosis was exactly the right thing to do. Obviously, it worked. It always works!

By the universe’s own Law of Attraction, you cannot attract anything to you unless you give it your attention.  Ignore the condition and it will go away — it must!

Just stay out of the way of your bodies They know what they’re doing. Let them do their job and you will enjoy a long life of health and happiness.

John Cali channels Spirit: Many of the people coming to Spirit and me for private readings, or just to talk, are yearning for healing — healing in their bodies, their relationships, their work, their finances, and so on. All of us have probably needed healing in our bodies one time or another. Today we’re focusing on physical healing. I’d like to share with you a bit of my own personal healing journey…


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