Indigo Child

Guest: I want to talk about these Indigo babies, that are coming into the planet now. I think it’s called Indigo children. Is my child this one of these? Abraham: Yes. The answer is always „Yes“.

Abraham: Well, what is happening – people are beginning to recognize that the intensity of these energies coming forth now, is more focused.

And the reason that it is more focused is because more are asking about more things and it is such a transitional time. We’ve never seen a physical environment where the energy was moving as fast. And what we mean by that is – the contrast is such that more are in step one. And as more are in step one, then there is more summoning of the energy. And that faster moving energy is the creative clay that all of you are working with.

But at the same time that there is more energy that is moving forward -and these babies that are coming in are really tuned in, tapped in, turned on to it – not just with babies but with everyone – when you are in alignment with that faster moving energy, you soar at greater heights. And when you are not in alignment with it, you get banged around pretty good. So the crevasse between those who have and have not- abundance and health, and clarity and relationships – all those things are being amplified. 

And so, as these children are coming forth – you have to remember that they’re coming forth with their *special* intentions, for the perfect balance and variety of things. They’re not all coming forth wanting exactly the same thing. And the thing that is a little bit off in this approach of the Indigo child, is that they [people defining Indigo children] are taking some specific aspects of SOME [children] that they are viewing, and calling THAT – only happening in THOSE personality characteristics – when ALL are coming forth with their definitive personality characteristics. And ALL of it is coming with that broader intention of – mixing it up… there is no one on the planet with whom you are not more of a vibration match than a mismatch. There is no one on the planet that is not powerful Source energy physically embodied.

But man wants to put them in groups, call them in hierarchies, call some old souls and some young souls and some advanced souls.. and what we’re wanting you to realize is that you are powerful perfection in physical embodiment, wanting different experiences to add to the mix of the whole.

We love seeing a child adoring fishing as much as we love seeing a child adoring physics. And we love seeing a child enjoying clay and sculpture as much as we enjoy seeing a child enjoying medicine. In other words, what you are turning your attention toward is defined by your individual choice. Your ability to achieve it to perfection to satisfy YOU is unlimited in every case. And there is not one endeavor that is more highly rated from Source. The only differentiation as far as Source is concerned is: How well are you, the individual, ALLOWING your choice to be expressed through YOU? The choice that you are making, is truly your choice. And of course, you could not choose something like mass murder and be connected to your Source at the same time.

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