Q: What is the difference between fantasy and imagination?

Bashar: Both are real realities. Imagination will simply be of the vibration of the purposes you have chosen to experience physicality life. Fantasy will have to do with other lives.

Q: Other lives meaning parallel, past.?

B: Yes. Alternate, other dimensional, so on and so forth.

Q: Meaning that you don’t really intend to translate them to physical life here.

B: Correct. But imagination is translatable to physical life.

Q: So there’s kind of a fine line in a way.

B: Yes.

Q: And, we tend to mix the two in our terminology.

B: Yes. They are both real realities. Imagination is simply in accord to the vibration of what you have chosen to experience here, or what is possible in a sense — it is highly probable. Fantasy, other realities which are not as probable for serving the purpose of this life.

Q: Hmm. Such as if you want to go to a land where all the trees are blue, that would be definitely fantasy because on this planet they don’t occur too often.

B: All right, yes.

B: Understand that when you operate within knowing difference, knowing is what will teach you imagination from fantasy — first the following of the vibration of excitement. Recognize that though many, “ fantasies“ may excite you, it will not be the same type of vibration – vibration of the excitement of the imagination which fits in your life.

B: There will be a momentum feeling behind the excitement of the imagination. There will simply be excitement and no momentum behind fantasy.

You follow me?

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