The Power Of Vision

What you perceive consciously as imagination or pretending is a mirror image of your essence and its thoughts, this being the most creative part of your essence. Imagination is incorporated in all physical developmental focuses. It is incorporated in all dimensions and is incorporated in all non-physical focuses. It is a wonderfully glorious tool! All of your plans, all of your desires, all of your motivation comes from imagination. Elias

Man hat euch gesagt, dass Imagination nicht wirklich ist, dass es das ist, was ihr als „Vorgeben“ bezeichnet. Das ist nicht korrekt, denn in eurem Bewusstsein, in dem Teil, der euch nicht bewusst ist, entsteht jede eurer Realitäten aus der Imagination. Was ihr bewusst unter Imagination oder „so tun als ob“ versteht, ist ein Spiegelbild eures Wesens und seiner Gedanken und das ist der kreativste Teil eures Wesens. Imagination ist Teil jedes physischen Wesens. Sie existiert in allen Dimensionen und in allen nicht-physischen Wesen. Es ist ein wunderbares, herrliches Werkzeug. All eure Pläne, all eure Wünsche und all eure Motivation kommen von der Imagination.


The Universe does not know or care whether the vibration that you’re offering is in response to something you are living right now, and observing, or in response to something you are imagining. In either case, the Universe accepts it as your point of attraction and matches it. Abraham

You have been taught that imagination is not real. It is what you term ‘pretend.’ This is incorrect, for in your consciousness, that part of which you are not aware, all of your reality originates in imagination.

What your purpose in life is, is the visualization process, to look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. Look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. The visualization process is your purpose of life. The Universe will match it with the physical equivalent.

The tricky thing is to not keep getting swept up in the physical equivalent so much that you lose sight of your ability to visualize. Can you hear it? The temptation is to then start observing. The temptation is to just start observing, to let what’s happening around you to dominate your every thought. Your work is to keep pulling yourself back. You go to the gym to work your muscles. We want you to go the {Creation} Box to work your mind.

We want you to work at visualization. It’s not going to come easy in the beginning. It’s going to be hard. Other things are going to call you off. You’re going to find your mind wandering all over the place. You are going to have to work at maintaining a focus. To maintain a focus and feel good can take a strong deliberate intent because it’s easier to follow those knee-jerk reactions. Those old habits are very well entrenched.

Your purpose in the physical experience is to use the data that abounds to collect the bits and pieces of it to create a scenario that rocks your world—and when you do that, the Universe will respond with a vibrational equivalent. But we want so much for you to hear that the vibrational equivalent—the physical manifestation—is not what it’s about.

vemkleinIt’s the power of the vision.


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