It is very simple, act like your world is at peace. Live in peace within yourself first, then you, as an individual, will set a shining example for how other individuals may be able to choose to live as well.

ONE individual makes a difference, and the fundamental idea that we have shared with many of your individuals, many times, let us say, to render it down into a basic formula, if you wish:

You do not get peace by hating war; you get peace by loving peace.

Therefore, the idea is if you know that peace is the way you wish to live, then live as if that is the only way there is. When you place judgment upon what is happening in your world, you are reinforcing the idea of all the negative occurrences. By being worried about them, you are sending them reinforcing negative energy, because what you are doing when you WORRY about the negative is you are saying you believe it has more ability to be more powerful than peace. So you are WORRIED that it will get the upper hand, as you say. When you simply KNOW that peace and harmony and the vibrational resonance that goes along with it is the most powerful vibration that there is, then you will amply recognize that you, as an individual, are as powerful as you need to be to have anything you desire without having to hurt anyone else to get it. And, therefore, you can radiate this belief to other individuals who then, if they decide to, can also choose it or their own right to share that similar belief with you. All that is necessary is to begin to reflect to the individuals in your society, and to teach them that EVERY INDIVIDUAL is already complete, has already ALL of the power and the abilities that they require to have anything they desire without having to forsake their integrity and harm someone else to get it.

Recognize this. When you observe the idea of the warfare over ideologies going on on your planet, view this understanding: an individual who TRULY BELIEVES in something doesn’t have to force that belief on anyone, for they know the belief, in and of itself, is worthy of merit and manifestation. Therefore, recognize that if you, individuals and /or societies, and/or governments, and/or religions, and/or any other sociological system in your society, are forcing a belief on someone else, they obviously do not believe in the power of that belief themselves.

That is our suggestion to your (garbled) peace, is to teach your people that; but not that they have to choose to understand you, or believe you, but simply that you are willing to function as a reflection of the fact that you know that peace IS power, in that way, and the granting of EQUALITY and validity to all. UNITY, unity is the product of the granting of equality and validity to the infinite diversity within creation. In other words, there is no one way; there are many ways to recognize one’s relationship to All That Is. If there was only one way, there would only be one person.

Therefore, it is in recognizing that every individual has chosen what they have chosen because they are learning what they think they need to learn. By granting them the right to do so, you then reflect to them an opportunity that you believe that what they are doing is right for them. At the same time, along with that message, comes the polarity message that since I am supporting you just the way you are, you now have the opportunity to see reflected from me an opportunity, now that all choices are equal, to choose what reality you prefer to choose.



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