Imagine yourself in a mirror, that being as you perceive changes – older, younger, fatter, thinner, clothed, nude, clothed all different ways. Working out all of these options, play with them until the image stabilizes. Then see that being exit the mirror and go into the world and try different things – a job here, a re-location there, a person to talk to, a book to read, just sitting quietly.

Sacred Mirrors

But you see that it is your second image doing this, not you. You see the division, the non-attachment is enhanced by this process. And then, as you see the second image doing these things, notice, gently peripherally, what is happening in your physical body – a sense of expansion, warmth, lightness. That is yes, this is part of my contract, this is to be pursued, this is helpful. A sense of heaviness, coldness, contraction – this means no.

Yes, these are little hints, but because you derive them yourself and work with how you perceive them, you will be enhancing your own opportunities in this regard and bringing in more of that energy.



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