magicYou must „see“ the reality you prefer as now existing in the moment. Then, it will become tangible in your outer reality.

A radio uses a channel tuner to select & receive any one particular station – out of all the programs that are simultaneously existing all around the radio.

Likewise, there are infinite probable realities that we could „receive“ and experience at any moment. How do we select which one of these we wish to „pull“ to the foreground to experience ?

We select and receive specific „versions“ of reality by our beliefs.
We select and receive by our 100% trust in „what we know is so“.

Here’s the „physics“ of how this works:

Just as a radio must first vibrate at a particular frequency in order to „receive“ the one particular broadcast (from all of the possible simultaneous broadcasts) that happens to be vibrating at that same frequency, likewise…

Each belief gets you vibrating at a unique set of frequencies.
These frequencies then attract, by sympathetic resonance, those holograms vibrating
on the same frequencies.

That is, out of the „background“ universal matrix of infinite possible holograms (all of the infinite possible „versions“ of reality that are simultaneously existing), those holograms and symbols that synchronistically vibrate at the same frequencies as the frequencies of your belief, get „pulled out“ from this matrix and „received“ by you as the actual „external physical experiences“ that you then sense as „real“ – that you sense as „objective reality“.

So each belief is a unique set of frequencies which is a template that determines which holograms you attract into your experience.

What we believe and totally „trust to be so“, sets up the alignment from which we receive that particular „version“ of reality. This trust or „knowing“ is the mechanism by which creation takes place. Without believing, we would create no reality and be non-existent.  At every given moment, we are always totally believing something.

All possible „versions“ of your reality already exist. In fact, they are all here – right under your nose – right Here, right Now. However, most of these „versions“ are invisible to us, and they become „visible“ only when we „tune“ ourselves (via our beliefs), to be compatible and resonant with the frequencies of any one particular „version“. Furthermore, since Time is only a local „illusion“ that does not really exist, everything you ever hope to „become“ or „attain“, you have already become and attained. If it’s „invisible“ to you, that’s only because your beliefs do not yet have you vibrating in a manner that is synchronous with those versions. You contain it ALL – all possible „versions“. And all these here/now versions are in various states of visible/invisible for you, depending on your beliefs relative to any particular version. You „see“ and „objectively experience“ the versions that are synchronized with how you are vibrating, and it’s your beliefs at any given moment that determine how you are vibrating.

 It’s all a hologram of many holograms.

In a hologram, each part of the hologram contains the information for the whole hologram.  The universe is structured holographically. You are holographic. Each possible „version“ of your reality is also holographic.  You contain within you all possible versions of reality.  All holograms (versions of reality) are contained within you. From all these infinite possibilities, you „select“ the version to be experienced with your beliefs, imagination, and feelings. Your imagination is the „archive“ of all your possible holograms. From this archive of possibilities, the version that you „imagine“ (believe, or focus your imagination on) is your currently-selected version of reality. Then you „activate“ this selected version with your feelings. The more intense the feelings, the more powerfully you activate this version, and therefore, the more quickly it manifests as your tangible reality.  Positive feelings activate the positive desired versions. Negative feelings activate the negative undesired versions (the dreaded outcomes).

Your beliefs are the result of what you imagine, and then activate with your feelings. The version with the most intense feelings attached to it, is the version that gets activated.

As an analogy, if your computer screen offers you many choices, and all you have to do is click on one of them to select it, then your imagination is the total of all the available choices on the screen. Moving the mouse to the desired choice is like focusing your imagination on one particular vision. And then clicking on that choice is like using your feelings to activate your selection.

3 Phases for receiving the „version“ of reality you prefer

  • See it. (mental)Visualize it. Imagine it. Daydream it. Visualize it clearly. You don’t need to visualize it for a long time. Short time is sufficient, but you need to visualize it clearly. You need to have a solid clear picture. Visualizing it creates the blueprint, so see it in great detail.   See it ==> Become an efficient Mental Antenna to receive this „version“ of reality.
  • Feel it. (emotional)Get excited & passionate about it! How would you feel if you had it now? Feel that now! Plug into your vision with all your emotions & all your senses, as if you had it now! Involve all your senses – imagine smelling it, touching it, tasting it, etc.
    Feel it ==> Become an efficient Emotional Antenna to receive this „version“ of reality.
  • Be it. (physical)Physical action. Do it! To ground the experience. Do actions that most closely mimic the actions you „see“ yourself doing in your vision. Gather and use whatever props mimic that scenario, and do a „dry run“. Doing this „make believe“ physical action trains the body consciousness. This makes it „real for you now“, so the universe then delivers it to you. NOTE: This physical action does not directly cause this desired reality to manifest. Instead, this physical action creates a more precise vibration in yourself, making you a better antenna to receive it, by you becoming more aligned to the same vibration. The reality you desire already exists. You do not have to create it. You only have to receive it.
    Be it ==> Become an efficient Physical Antenna to receive this „version“ of reality.

In other words:

  • See it.  Become a precise mental antenna to „receive“ that version of reality.
  • Feel it. Become a precise emotional antenna to „receive“ that version of reality.
  • Be it.   Become a precise physical antenna to „receive“ that version of reality.

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