Act on it! Excitement is caused by a resonance with your Higher Self. Excitement is a „sign“ that the activity you are contemplating is aligned with your Higher Self, and this alignment is what causes the excitement.

This naturally leads you to what you are „meant“ to be doing – what your Soul „hopes“ your will – free-will – chooses to do. This is your „Purpose“. So this is the simple yet effortlessly-effective way to find your life’s „Purpose“.

Mechanically, excitement is a high state of resonant-excitation that occurs when the Thinking+Intentions of the physical dimension self are sharply aligned with the Thinking+Intentions of its own Higher Self.

So excitement serves as a compass, so to speak, to let you know when you’re „on course“ – when you are doing or contemplating doing exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you be doing.

When you follow your excitement, and do what excites you, this means that :

  1. This activity is „you“ – truly aligned with your Soul.
  2. Because it is „you“, this activity is effortless for you.
  3. Because it is „you“, the universe will support you (including financial support) to continue doing this, in progressively more expanding ways.

Following your excitement is following the „signs“ your Higher Self is giving – to lead you in the most direct way possible to what it „hopes“ your free-will will choose to do, which is the same as your life’s Purpose. The catch is this:

  • Even if following your excitement means doing something seemingly trivial and unprofound, even then, just do it!
  • Because proceeding towards doing this seemingly mundane thing, might lead you to meet someone, or discover something, that is just „perfect“ for furthering your life’s purpose. And

Follow your Excitement – with integrity!

Bashar defines „integrity“ not as any particular moral standard, but instead: Realizing that everything is a whole (integer), and you are one with the whole. And therefore – Golden Rule – you treat everyone and everything with the same respect and consideration and care that you would want them to treat you.



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