KaninchenElias: I present to you a small energy rabbit that is soft and delicate, but also in its swiftness somewhat strong and agile. In the moments that you are expressing expectations of yourself and pushing your energy in association with those expectations of yourself — and expectations may be somewhat challenging to recognize within you, for they have become quite familiar and therefore are automatic — but in moments when you are experiencing within yourself that you must or should, in anything, or in moments in which you are expressing within yourself a disappointment that you are not performing or expressing well enough, and therefore, you are pushing your energy in trying — this is a key term, “trying,” which I will address to also — but in all of those moments, which I dare say you shall find how frequent, I suggest to you that you remember this energy small rabbit that I am presenting to you now. You remember its qualities, and you visualize it momentarily and visualize yourself holding it. The gentleness that you would be expressing to that rabbit in holding it, in that action, you shall present that gentleness to yourself.

I may also express to you, I am aware of your expression of “trying” frequently. Trying is not doing, and trying is an automatic discounting of yourself. This is the reason that trying generates frustration and disappointment, for trying is a camouflaged expression of discounting yourself, that you cannot do for you are not adequate enough, or you cannot do for you do not actually possess the ability to do what you want. Therefore, you camouflage the discounting that you cannot do or that you do not incorporate adequate abilities to do by expressing “trying.” Therefore, also note the moments in which you are trying and remember your rabbit.

And also this little exercise:


FawnDo you have any advice for me?

ELIAS (Laughs) My suggestion to you is to continue to allow yourself to be playful, to continue to be expressing your appreciation, which I am aware that you do, and to allow yourself an ease with yourself and to express a gentleness with yourself. Offer that to yourself as a gift, being gentle. View yourself as a soft fawn, and express the gentleness with yourself as you would with that small fawn.



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