You are in the middle of a tremendous shift that you’ve asked for, that it’s time for, that I came for! It’s not one that’s going to destroy you! You don’t have to fear it. It’s one you’re in control of as you’re becoming more quantum.

You’re starting to understand that the consistency of life as you have seen it is truly is an old paradigm.

The consistency of fear, of hate, of disappointment… is beginning to change. If you want to be consistent with things, know this, that the love of God is the most consistent and persistent thing on this earth and in the universe. Consistent, it is! So persistent that it would not stop until life was created, and until love was discovered.

When you step into interdimensional physics, and this includes the energies of what you call spirituality, you will find something you didn’t expect: Consciousness… physics with an attitude. The interdimensionality of your galactic center has consciousness. It has to. Anything interdimensional is aligned with creation.

We wanted to paint a picture today. It was mostly scientific, partly a logic puzzle, to show you that your current 3D logic is not expanded. It’s not the kind of logic you’re going to need to move into the future. We told you to expect the wild card. Expect things that have not happened before. Change history by thinking about future things which may be evolutionary and represent wild cards themselves. Can you recognize some of those wild cards in your very immediate past? How many times do we have to give you these things to look at? None of the quatrains of Nostradamus are accurate today. Books have been written about the tremendous upcoming war with Islam. Well, someday you can read them and laugh, because it’s not happening that way. That entire scenario is based upon a consistent, unchanging consciousness on earth, where everything repeats in an expected old pattern, and it isn’t!

Are you the expected pattern on earth, or are you the wild card? You see, there are things coming that you didn’t expect. I know these things for I see the potentials that are not openly available to you. It’s the consciousness which is „baking in the oven“ that is working right now in ways that you do not expect. This is not future fortune telling. It is instead just stating the facts of the potentials of the minds on the planet… where they’re going and what they’re thinking.

Kryon speaks in this session „The Great Scientific Bias“ of the mechanics of the Universe and that it is based on Intelligent Design and even more on love. In this shift of consciousness that is happening now humans become more and more quantum humans and the normal 3D logic is no longer sufficient to understand what is happening. Of course the „old patterns“ still work but will be replaced by more evolved patterns, quantum patterns.

So all one has to do is to take the „Wild Card“ or in other words SURRENDER to your expanded self to allow new understanding, new patterns, new energies and… love!

So… Expect the Wild Card!

The pictures are from the Law of Attraction Cards


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