Dreams are the closest experience you incorporate presently, which will allow you to understand this new developmental focus. Imagine yourselves to be in a dream state but experiencing physical reality. There, you incorporate many more dimensions of existence and of your essence that you even can imagine now. This is the wondrous experience I offer to help with.

… In becoming more aware and in balancing the objective and the subjective and being more aware of their harmony and interconnectedness, your dream imagery is equally as real as your waking imagery. They are both objective expressions. They are both objective awarenesses and translations.

Objective imagery is abstract. You notice the abstractness within dreams more so, for the manner in which you perceive your waking imagery appears to you to be more solid and less flexible. But they are equally real, and may be interchangeable. Many times, individuals generate experiences within dream states to allow them to not generate it within waking state. They generate choices within the dream state that they would not necessarily engage within waking state, but create both experiences, and those experiences within the dream imagery are as real as that within waking imagery. You merely incorporate the idea that your dream imagery is imaginary. But it is not and can be moved with the waking imagery and incorporated with the waking imagery to a point where they may be somewhat indistinguishable, for they are both elements of your reality.

In this, allow yourself to recognize how often individuals express their desire to be engaging dream imagery and recalling dream imagery. What is the reason? For they view this to be much more imaginative and therefore fun, and also view that there is information which is expressed within dream imagery. There is equal information expressed within waking imagery, in all of its abstractness. But you do not look for that.

You also allow yourself much more flexibility within your dream imagery. You do not necessarily create a purple feline in your waking imagery, but the purple feline that you create in your dream imagery is equally as real as a yellow feline within your waking imagery. You also do not necessarily allow yourself to fly in waking imagery, or to levitate, unless you are within a vehicle. Within your dream imagery, once again which is just as real, you do not necessarily need a vehicle.

… Dreams and „reality“ are both abstract, and you may generate the flexibility in waking imagery as much and as easily as you allow yourself within dream imagery.

The point is that you notice how you allow yourself more of a flexibility within dream imagery and that you allow yourself to create imagery which is as real as your waking imagery. You allow yourself much more of a flexibility within dream imagery than you do within waking imagery, but that in actuality, you incorporate the ability to accomplish the same actions or similar actions within waking imagery as you do within dream imagery.

… Some dream imagery is symbology. Some dream imagery is quite literal. Some dream imagery is not dream imagery at all, but actually an objective recognition of projections.

But much of your dream imagery IS symbolic, for it is generally an objective translation of the action that is occurring subjectively, and your objective awareness is extremely abstract. Therefore, you may be incorporating any action subjectively and the objective awareness may translate that, generating a harmonious action or expression of imagery. It incorporates tremendous diversity and abstractness. Therefore, one action that is generated subjectively may be translated in thousands of manners objectively.

These are some statements from Elias about dreams. Much more is available at the Elias site.

Humans spend about 30 % of their whole physical life sleeping. So it is definitively an advantage to know about this part of life and to remember more about it to be able to benefit from all these informations….

BTW: When Elias speaks about „objectivity“ he speaks about projections – about that what we call reality.

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