The core belief system of  the creation of the physical universe

For much time framework, you have accepted that your origins spring from one location. Your [modern] sciences and your [premodern] religions support this, that you hold your origins of your species upon one continent and that you have branched from there. Therefore, in this you also allow yourselves discoveries limitedly that shall support this belief system, but in widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information, opening to your consciousness and recognizing that there is much more available to you than you allow yourselves, you may also be noticing of much more information which is much more supportive of the vaster picture than merely the small picture that you allow yourselves to view presently.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

This month we complete our circle with the tenth and final core belief SYSTEM: the creation of the physical universe. It seems that Elias saved the most complex for last. Although all of the ten are complex in their own right, this last area not only incorporates all of the previous nine belief systems, but ALL of the concepts presented by Elias thus far. For instance, his view of the Kosmos includes four Regional Areas of Consciousness, pools of consciousness, and “all of consciousness,” or what he used to call The Creating Universal One And Whole. His view of the Self as objective and vast subjective awareness that includes counterparts, focuses, orientations, essence, essence family intents, Dream Walkers, and more.

The ten core belief systems:

  1. Kernduplicity (morality/ethics)
  2. sexuality (sexuality/gender/orientation/preference)
  3. truth (relative truths/Absolute Truth)
  4. emotion (emotional/feeling)
  5. perception (perceptual/attention)
  6. the senses (inner/physical sensing)
  7. religious/spirituality (exoteric/esoteric)
  8. scientific/elements of physical reality (scientific/rational)
  9. physical creation of the universe, including accidents and coincidences (creation mythos)

Last month I pointed out that we can see three broad, overlapping worldviews in play across our planet: premodern, modern, and postmodern. The premodern worldview includes fundamentalist religious worldviews that interpret their scriptures as the literal, absolute truth revealed by God’s prophets to man. Its truths include the universe being created in seven days, and the heavens, earth, plants, animals, and humans simply “poofed-in” in that order. The modern worldview includes rational, materialist worldviews. Their truths include scientific method as the only valid way to know truth. Their creation myths center around a Big Bang and processes of linear, evolution. In this view, homo-sapiens are descendents of great apes, who in turn descended from fish, who in turn descended from ocean plants, who in turn descended from the earliest forms of bacteria that accidentally formed in the oceans.

Emerging postmodern worldviews, as I define them, attempt to honor the partial truths found in earlier, less sophisticated worldviews and integrate them into a less distorted account of things. For example, the physical “order of play” of emergence in the premodern Biblical accounts (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) is somewhat accurate. The scientific Big Bang most likely occurred, but was it the first and only, or just the latest in an endless set of cycles? And what occurred “before the beginning”? Where did all the matter come from? On this, modern science is mute and unable to comment…

Before the beginning,’ I have expressed that some essences of these essence families chose to remain partially manifest; not entirely physically manifest. Some chose to be physically manifest and continue. Some of those choosing to partially manifest have allowed elements of their consciousness to form your planet. Therefore, the elements of your planet, your oceans, your mountains, your trees, your vegetation, your deserts, are all aspects of consciousness, within cooperation of yourself, of these essences; deposits, so to speak, which form physical matter. Therefore, you are connected, in your terms, to all of these elements, for you have created them, within cooperation.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

Before the beginning,’ pools of consciousness arranged within cooperation and intent in choosing to be creating yet another physical focus within another dimension – that being this dimension. In this, nine pools of consciousness, that you designate now as the nine essence families, formed together in conjunction with this physical reality, to be directing of it and creating it. A physical, linear, sequential time framework was chosen to be inserted into this reality. The essences within these nine pools of consciousness chose, for what you may view to be a time period, to be functioning outside of the physical time framework, but inserting objects that you view as physical matter into the time framework. In this, it was organized and chosen that there be designations of intent within these nine pools, to be carrying out specialized actions sequentially and psychically. [session 208, August 17, 1997]

Let me present an overview of your physical reality within this dimension. At its inception, nine essence families organized, so to speak, to be creating of this particular dimensional reality. These essence families are comprised of many essences of like intent within each family. These essences initially were known as Dream Walkers; partially physically focused, but not entirely. Now, also in relation to these Dream Walkers, they are interactive with you continually, and presently also. They have not chosen to be entirely physically manifest throughout the entirety of the existence of this particular dimension. Therefore, they may be interactive with you and even appear to you, in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to. [session 270, March 19, 1998]

Each physical reality holds their own equivalent of essence families. Some realities may have fewer essence families; some may have the same number of essence families. These families, as we have discussed previously, are related directly to the individual physical realities. Just as you together in a group would cooperate and volunteer to exercise your individual talents and your individual contributions if you were to be planning and creating a town or a city, these essence families also cooperate in creating this reality. This is voluntary action. Groups of essences choose individual physical realities to align with and be creating of.

We have spoken little of your essence families to this point. We will offer an introduction to the action of the essence families this evening. … We shall use wording within time frames, as this is also incorporated within your reality and your understanding. Therefore, I shall express that within the time ‘before your beginning,’ the essence families were, as were you. I shall state to you this evening another boat-rocking concept, in that there was no original God. There is no God, per se.

There is what we have discussed previously as The Creating Universal One And Whole, which is named many different names by different essences and by different focuses. This term, as I have stated previously, is an action. This is not a being. In this, I wish you to understand that this action is all of consciousness. It is everything. You have been familiarized with the term All-That-Is [from the Seth Material]. This also is correct in terminology, as to consciousness. There is no singularity of consciousness that may be separated out to be designated as God. Therefore, God did not create your planet, or you. You created you, and you also created your planet and your universe. If you wish to place the terminology of God upon any separate entity, you may apply this term to yourselves, for you are! Returning to our essence families: Before what you recognize as your beginning, you were within consciousness, and aligned with the different essence families.

The action of creating of this physical reality came from these nine essence families, within cooperation. Their intents during this experimental time period were different than you perceive them to be presently, for their reality was different than your reality is presently. Presently, you are physically focused. You are focused. Underline ‘focused!’ You are highly specialized, and you are singularly directed. Within the original, so to speak, action of these essence families, they were not so specialized. They were not so singularly focused. These, as we have stated previously, would be likened to Dream Walkers. You may identify with this terminology, for you understand the action of dreaming. The action of dreaming, or similar to this action, would have been the entirety of the reality of all of these families.

In this reality, there was less separation. Therefore, there was more knowing of the action of counterparts of self, of consciousness. In this, the concept of you creating your reality was reality. It was not a concept. In this, the actions that you view presently as the intent of these essence families was unnecessary.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

So just to recap for a moment, since this story always makes my brain bleed! What we have to this point is Elias’ version of The Great Chain of Being, a concept common to all major premodern religions. There is a nonphysical Primal Cause or Source, which forms pools of conscious, innate intention within which are essences. Some of these essences hold the intent of Dream Walkers. These fields of consciousness literally create universes, galaxies, solar systems, and planets. Further, they create all physical life forms, including focuses of essence.

All 10 belief systems are available at the Eliasforum and are explained – like this text above about the 10th Belief System – also by Paul Helfrich in his Newsletters.


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