7 BausteineThis is a small celtic imagination which brings a lot of fun and joy. The practical aspects of this little exercise will be shown by itself.

Imagine a big solitaire tree which not only grows to heaven but also down to the earth with its stem, leaves and crown. Find the entrance in the trunk and go down to the ground. You arrive at a clearing in the woods. Sit down, relax and wait untill an animal shows up to meet you.

This is your numinous animal, a symbol of your unlimited instincst. You can talk with this animal, use it as a messenger or play with it. This done say gratefully good-bye and go back to the earth. And when you are back it is helpful to make a gesture or mouvement related to the animal.

Now you can meet your animal whenever you wish to. You can keep it a lifetime or as long as you need it. You can have several animals, however only so much as you have time to meet them. Children enjoy this imagination very much and by doing it enhance their self-assurance.

ToteTotems are animal spirits, bonds between heaven and earth which means, they are parts of the personality and their power can be called – or in other words: Totems are the sureness of the instincts. All people have a mythology about the sacred power of animals.

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