Everyone can be the sons and daughters of their parents, but very few ever finally decide to say I am the royal blood of my Holy Spirit and this is the life that I must live.

And Bashar says about what every human being really is… Not only sons and daughters, but the „Holy Spirit“ itself… This is the true nobility – the true „bloodline“ of each being…

So you are all, also, the Christ Consciousness, the Buddha Nature, the Great Spirit, in that sense. All of you, each of you, and the whole concept, as many of you are now on your planet beginning to realize, is not so much the as you say „religious concept“ of Christ Consciousness but the awaking of the Spirit of Oneness, the Spirit of Lovingness, the Spirit of Creativity within each and every one of you. That is more of a true representation of any, so called, „second coming“ … is not that it is focused in a singular being returning to your planet but that it is the awaking of that energy, that awareness within each and every one of you. That is the, so-called, „Second Coming.“

Of course, it is not the second, this has happened many times. It has been presented to you and reflected to you in many different ways, in many different styles of what you call the origination of religions on your planet. Although, what you call religion on your planet has never been the intention of any of those who the religions are based upon. Your being of Jesus, your being of Buddha, your being of Krishna, your being of Wahoca, your being of Mohammed and all the others you wish to name, never was it their intention to begin what you now have on your planet in a format of a religion. Never do they expect followers, they were telling each and every one of you that you could be the same as them, to be like them, to act in their manner. The phrase, „I am the Way.“ Simply means, „be this way“ and you will be reflective of the same energy, the same consciousness, the same idea. It doesn’t mean follow; it doesn’t mean create a ritual around them. It means that you are one; that you can do all the same things … and this many times has actually, literally been said by many of these great teachers on your planet.

But, of course, because of certain kinds of thoughts of separation and limitation and negative beliefs, many of you feel that you really do not deserve to recognize that flame within you, that energy within you, that light within you. And so, you segregate yourselves from those teachings … place them on a higher pedestal than you place yourself, do not make yourself equal to it, and thus, create ritual around it, and simply act as followers, rather than doers. Which is what they intended to share with you, what they intended to get across to you–is that you are all, in that sense, capable of manifesting everything and more than they ever manifested on your planet. Any single one of them.


The magic is just doing! Like breathing or walking in any moment being this divine being and behaving as a divine being. This is the artful way of living!


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