Being selfish is considered as a sin, not only by religious institutions but also by the contemporary Zeitgeist. It is expected to show at least a kind of  team spirit or even to sacrify oneself  for others and if you do that to a large extent you are considered as holy.   What is not known is that one can help „others“ only by expanding the own consciousness which asks for „Selfishness“, that is concentration on one’s own focus.  If one is not practising self-awareness the blind will continue to lead  the blind.

We’re wanting you to want so much for your own personal joy, that you can be as selfish as your cat. Your cat, who may focus upon you in the moment, or may not, but we promise you, your cat will do whatever is best for it. And where humans got the idea that their own individual, personal suffering was an any way good for anybody else, defies all Laws of all Universes that we have ever encountered. Feeling good is good, and is your indication of your full Connection with who You are. So, we’re wanting to help you to remember, to reorient you, to, almost to shock you into, the awareness that every Consciousness, which includes your full human form, and even the cells in your body–every Consciousness is, and must continue to be, selfishly oriented. Because, unless you are reaching for what is individually best for self, you cannot stay connected to Source. And the Whole, that is Well-Being based, cannot continue to be.

Your freedom will truly come to you when you learn to exercise the power of your own focus. And we have never met anyone who could exercise the power of their own focus, who didn’t first decide, „I really, really, really want to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Everything other than that is irrelevant. I am going to focus upon that which feels good.“ As you begin to let feeling good be your dominant quest, everything in your environment begins to take shape to that–because your environment is coming in response to your thoughts.



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