Balancing TouchFor the moment, taking your index finger in the right hand, you can utilize it to gently touch various areas in the four different sectors of the body. Firstly to establish a flow of energy and in this you would follow this procedure: taking your right index finger, you would gently touch just above or on your pubic bone, or pelvic bone if you prefer and then, you would, using the same fingertip, touch in the area at the very bottom of the sternum. This is the Water center. You can move up to the air center by touching the area right below the throat where the breastplate begins, right below the two small protrusions of the breastbone or collarbone if you wish. There is a sensitive area right in this spot. 

Next you would touch the right cheekbone below the eye, from there you would touch just above and between the two eyes where the nose bone meets the two eyebrows. There is a slight sensitive spot there it has nothing to do with what you call your third eye. Get your fingers out of your eye!  And hopefully not in your nose! And from there approximately the very top center of your head, another sensitive area….and from there on the right side, the back of the head where the neck tendon goes into the base of the skull, you have a small bony protrusion. Gently touch that area and then the bony protrusion behind your right ear. And rest your lovely right hand and finger.

Even right now, you might even be feeling a mild passive state, somewhat relaxed, but definitely aware of each of those parts of the body you have touched and specifically the fingertip. 

Now, whenever you are perceiving that the flow of your energies are imbalanced, or you need to take a step back to examine the situation, you need to establish harmony within yourself, you can definitely use this simple process to establish equilibrium and even a slight detached, removed-from-the-immediate-situation state which can give you the opportunity to change your perspective. Carefully acknowledge, address and accept your situation and change your concentration, thus altering your perspective.

Kris  This excercise remembers me somewhat of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

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