WildcatLast night Samantha was watching CNN and saw a story of a cat who had run into a fire and with much risk and pain to herself saved all of her kittens.

There is an underlying belief in your society that animals cannot feel that animals are not as „good“ or valuable as you are. There are even scientists who propose that animals do NOT have feelings, that all of their reactions are instinctual. 

Now, even though it is possible to say that the cat who ran into the fire responded through purely instinctual response, it seems that the instinct to survive would be stronger then the instinct to protect the young.

That cat can be used an example that animals do indeed feel, that indeed they have strong feelings. Is that animal as alive as a consciousness as you, albeit a different consciousness or because you are a reasoning being, is that create „less“ then you are. Maybe they do feel, or maybe they are just a mass of instincts. What is life, and when it is right and when it is wrong to take that life.

We are saying that that cat is as alive as you are. That all animals are as alive as you are. But again they have different consciousness. So are we saying that it is „wrong“ to kill animals? All things kill something to eat. There is a consciousness in plants, there is a consciousness in the earth under your feet. And again, all things must kill to survive. A plant that is eaten is „killed“, so even a vegetarian kills if you will.

Now the ancients KNEW that taking an animal life is something of value. If you choose to eat meat, let us say, at least acknowledge that a life WAS given up for your dinner. And thank the spirit of the animal. In a sense, they had most respect for life then you do. Even those who practiced cannibalism were willing to give up their life because what was there for them to live for. Many of them did not have families, they were poor, they were starving, many were ill with painful disease. To be offered to their god, gave at least their end a meaning. We are NOT proposing cannibalism here, however what we are saying is that life in all of its‘ aspects NEEDS to be respected. Many of your problems with resources etc exist because there is SO little respect for the earth and it’s processes. Many of you are very distant from the „reality“ of life and death and those natural processes give meaning to life itself. How many of you go to the grocery store and buy your meat all nice and neatly packaged. When you cook that meat for dinner the next night, do you realized that some creature died for that dinner? That a life was given up? Would it not be „respectful‘ for lack of a better to put to give thanks to the spirit who gave that life for you.

In ancient cultures this is how it was done. An animal whose life was given would then be „thanked“, and it is believed that the spirit of the animal would them become part of the individuals who ate it. There is „some“ justification for that. The cells of a body, „remember“ the spirit, and when you partake of meat you are in a sense blinding your spirit with the spirit of that being who died.

Now let us talk some more of animal life. Most animals have „group“ consciousness. There is „cat“, or „dog“ or „spider“. These species are born and live within he realm of consciousness of being „cat“. However, many of them die and are not individual. They stay within the consciousness of „cat“ or „cow“. However, if a being is loved, let us say by an owner, the being will begin to individualize. The energy of love that is given to let us a cat by it’s owner, will help that cat individuate. It becomes more than cat, and becomes cat with personality or an individual cat. A certain percentage of all animals will individuate within their lifetimes. Within their next lifetime, then they will expand and become another energy or even go back again as another „cat“. In early ancient cultures, there was much more individuation than there is now. In other early cultures there was also the combination of cultures and genetic DNA. The sphinx for example, was indeed half human and half cat. There were many species like that, phoenixes, half bird, half-human. Samantha’s current project her „real“ job if you will is to bring one of the cultures into your culture and „fictionalize“ it. These early combinations experiments. Life started by coming into being. Rather like some of the quark particles that your scientists are studying. A being would „pop“ into physical realty and then pop out. This being would literally cross the threshold of death and life and go back and forth between the doorway of the two versions of consciousness. As these early beings came into existence, they did not have the „Moral“ instinctive understanding that you have today. Sex was rather like an experiment, whatever „felt“ good was acceptable. Therefore many half-human half-animal races were created. Most if not all of these races have trouble with „combinations“ and caused the being much pain, so it became a taboo to have sex with other „races“ if you will. This was the beginning of physical existence, and experimentation was common. Life as you understand it was much different in that it was fluid. Many individuals would move from life to death and back as we have stated before and this continued for a long time. As well, there were individuals who spent entire lifetimes, „asleep“, in a physical body but not consciousness, as you know it. These being would at times briefly wake up and „say“ something and eventually they became oracles of a sort.

This brings us to a related issue, the issue of abortion. From out view indeed the fetus is a life, as is the life or a cat or a dog, or a cow etc. Bearing within a body is certain kind of consciousness. A fetus that is aborted is „killed“, as is many kinds of life to support life each and every day. All consciousness has a choice of life or death, each death is designed to have a meaning of a sort, and therefore the fetus may choose to die for whatever reason. Maybe it only wanted to live a brief physical life, maybe that consciousness only wishes to be consciousness within the „safety“ of a womb. The reasons are as endless as the beings themselves. But again all consciousness comes into physical life for a specific reason or purpose and that purpose is NOT only within the human realm but the realm of all of life itself.

Samantha Riordan 

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