Are Animal Rights an indispensable basic of civilization?

waschbaer I think YES! However, there are still strong convictions that human beings must eat meat products – proved by science – although it has also been proved xtimes that this is not true. Whole nations lived for centuries without meat – like former India – and they were not unhealthier than other people and actually there are many vegetarians and they feel good. They have no deficits. In contrary. To me it seems completely unnatural to eat cadaver.

But the worst thing in this kind of alimentation is the animal husbandry. They live in kind of concentration camps and are tortured daily and even their death is often enough painful. I cannot imagine that eating meat from so unhappy animals is healthy. So I consider the animal husbandry – as I know it is often practiced in Europe – as barbarous and not worthy of a high civilization. This is NO culture!

hahnhenneSo, as long as animals are kept in this way, it is not possible to eat meat. Nobody can really control how the animal have been raised and that’s why it is necessary to become a vegetarian. And only then the producers will change their attitude and think about the wellness of their animals. A really „High Culture“ would not keep and kill animals in such a cruel way. Of course, this is also valuable for animals kept for research purposes and for animals kept for fur production. All this does not only make suffer the animals. It diminishes also the human being.


  • Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. ~ Albert Schweitzer
  • The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~ Alice Walker
  • Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character. ~ George Bernard Shaw
  • I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  • The human spirit is not dead. It lives on in secret…. It has come to believe that compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind. ~ Albert Schweitzer
  • The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. ~ Schopenhauer
  • Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. ~ Thomas A. Edison
  • If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ~ St. Francis of Assisi
  • Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage. ~ Sri Aurobindo
  • It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions. ~ Mark Twain
  • Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty. ~ Albert Einstein
  • Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you any more. ~ Franz Kafka



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