Elias About Drugs

You may move in the direction of many pleasurable actions, but once you move in the direction that is not compliant with the mass belief systems, that pleasure automatically becomes unacceptable and bad, and no pleasure – we shall rock your world with this statement — no pleasure is bad!

ALL pleasure is acceptable and ALL pleasure lends to the ease of your movement through your focus, for you automatically within essence magnate and move in the direction of pleasure, and this eliminates your thickness … but you limit your pleasure tremendously!

You shall at time periods be witness to this essence express acknowledgment of individuals inquiring in the area of pleasure. „But Elias, shall I move into this direction of engaging another individual in pleasurable activities when our mass belief systems are so very far against this?“ And I shall be expressing, „Yes. Shall you not?“

You shall express to me, or other individuals may express to me, „Shall we not place judgment upon individuals that engage in popular substances?“ What is your present substance, which is so very popular, of smoking?

Guest: Marijuana?

ELIAS : Ah, very good! Very bad bad bad! (Laughter)

In another session…

I shall first of all address to you that within the engagement of ANY element that you identify as any particular substance within this dimension, most of what you shall experience is motivated and influenced by what you believe. The actual innate quality which is expressed through the consciousness of the substance itself – which is its function intrinsic to itself in ALL of these different substances – is that it shall create a thickness of energy which shall be affecting of your perception. This is the ONLY action that is innately intrinsic to the substance itself.

Beyond this, what occurs or what is created in conjunction with the ingesting of ANY type of substance upon your planet is directly influenced by the individual’s belief systems and their allowance of certain affectingnesses. Therefore, some individuals may be incorporating substances and they may be experiencing what they term to be very negative elements and they place very strong judgments and belief systems upon these areas. Other individuals may allow themselves an opening to their awareness. It is very much an expression of the individual and what they shall allow within their individual experience. It is not the substance itself which is creating specific responses.

Therefore you hold the ability in the incorporation of any substance to be directing your experience within that. This be the reason that I have expressed to many individuals that many of these substances may be incorporated within quite pleasurable experiences. It is merely your belief systems that dictate differently to you.

I express to you that the incorporation of any of these actions is not right or wrong. It merely is a choice of experience. You hold the ability to be directing that experience, be it the incorporation of your term of mushrooms, or be it fermented incorporated elements in your alcohols, or your different incorporations of plants that you may be interactive with … even within your synthetic creations of what you in physical focus term to be your synthetic drugs. You hold very strong belief systems that they shall be incorporating certain actions, certain responses within you that are beyond your control. They shall be affecting of you in certain manners that you view negatively.

I express to you, this is all the dictates of your belief systems. You may incorporate any of these actions pleasurably and you may be manipulating your energy to be directed in whichever manner you are so choosing. Therefore, if you are choosing to incorporate ANY of these elements into your reality and [to be] incorporating them as a facilitating action to widen your awareness or open to your different elements of consciousness, you may be engaging that action, and quite efficiently and quite realistically.

I hold no judgment upon any of these incorporations of what you  choose to be engaging in your physical focus. YOU have all created all of this for YOUR incorporation.






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