chakraYou may incorporate a visualization, which I have offered previously, visualizing each one of your energy centers, beginning with the red and moving upward.  In the visualization, visualize each energy center spinning, and in that spin, visualize them to be moving harmoniously with each other in the same rotation as each other. 

Visualize each energy center as a small ball, and allow yourself in your visualization to incorporate a white string or mist that moves through each energy center and connects each one to the next.  As you continue to spin each energy center and move this white mist upward through each of them, as you complete that action to the top of your head, allow this mist to penetrate through outwardly, and allow yourself to experience that mist penetrating, moving upward, and thusly falling outwardly over the entirety of your body as a light mist. 


This alignement allows the energy to flow easier and by this creation of whatever becomes much easier. 

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