For a better understanding of what Abraham is speaking about it is helpful to know the definitions of his glossary:

All Is Well: The basis of All-That-Is, is Well-Being. There is no source of anything that is other than Well-Being. If you believe you are experiencing something other than Well-Being, it is only because you have somehow chosen a perspective that is temporarily holding you out of reach of the natural Well-Being that flows.

Allowing: The state of alignment with the Well-Being that flows from Source. The focusing of your attention upon things that cause you to offer a vibration that „allows“ your connection to your natural source of Well-Being. Tolerating is very different from allowing. Tolerating is seeing what is not wanted, feeling the vibrational evidence of that perspective, but deliberately taking no action. Allowing is deliberately giving your attention only to that which causes a vibration of alignment with Source. When you are in the state of allowing, you always feel good.

All-That-Is: The Source from which all things flow; and all things that flow from that Source. 

Art of Allowing: The practiced process of deliberately choosing your subjects of attention, with a keen awareness of how that perspective feels to you. By deliberately choosing thoughts that feel good, you achieve vibrational alignment with your Source of Well-Being.

Being (noun): Source energy that is focused into a definite perspective. Non-Physical Being is Consciousness perceiving from Non-Physical perspective. Physical Being, or human Being is Non-Physical Energy perceiving through the physical perspective.

Collective Consciousness: All thoughts that have ever been thought still exist. All who perceive have access to all that is, and has been, perceived. This body of thought exists as Collective Consciousness.

Connection: Being in vibrational alignment with your Source.

Consciousness: Awareness.

Creative Energy: The electrical current at the basis of everything that exists.

Creative Life Force: The electrical current at the basis of everything that exists.

Creative Process: The electrical current at the basis of everything that exists, flowing specifically toward topics or ideas.

Creator: One who focuses Creative Energy.

Deliberate Creation: Focusing on what is intended while being consciously aware of one’s vibrational state of being and connection to one’s Source.

Desire: The natural result of living in a contrasting environment, (which includes all environments).

Emotion: The body’s physical, visceral response to the vibrational state of being caused by whatever you are giving your attention to.

Emotional Guidance: Awareness of your state of attraction because of the way you feel as you give your attention to different things.

Emotional Set-Point: The emotion most often practiced.

Energy (Non-Physical): The electrical current at the basis of everything that exists.

Energy Stream: The flow of the electrical current at the basis of everything that exists. Essence: Having matching vibrational properties.

Guidance System: The comparative feeling of your energetic state of being when you are aligned with your Source or when you are not aligned with your Source.

Inner Being: The Eternal part of you that perceives all that you have ever been and all that you currently are. A perspective always available to you if you will „allow“ it.

All-That-Is: The basis of your world, your Universe, and All-That-Is. Things of like vibration are drawn to each other.

Law of Deliberate Creation: The deliberate focusing of thought with the intention of feeling alignment with one’s own desire.

Laws: Eternally consistent responses.

Leading Edge of Thought: A state of relaxed and deliberate consideration of ideas with the intention of new discovery.

Life Force: Eternal Consciousness specifically focused.

Mass Consciousness: The combined awareness of a large body of perceivers. Usually referring to the physical earth’s human awareness.

Meditation: The state of quieting one’s mind, and therefore stopping any resistant thoughts that would disallow vibrational alignment with one’s Source.

Non-Physical: Eternal Consciousness, which is at the basis of all that is physical and all that is Non-Physical.

Overwhelment: The state of simultaneously focusing upon what you want and your inability to achieve it at the same time.

Receiving Mode: A vibrational state of being, absent of resistance, and therefore in absolute alignment with Source.

Self: Any point of awareness. The point from which all perception flows.

Source (noun): The eternally expanding vibrational stream of Well-Being from which all that is, flows.

Source Energy: The eternally expanding vibrational Stream of Well-Being from which all that is, flows.

Stream of Consciousness: The eternally expanding vibrational stream from which all things flow.

Stream of Well-Being: The eternally expanding vibrational stream from which all things flow.

Total You: You, in your human form, in a state of feeling good, and therefore offering no resistance that causes separation from who you really are.

Universe: A somewhat quantifiable spatial experience.

Vibration: The response of harmony or discord of all things to all things.

Vibrational Alignment: Harmony of perspective.

Vibrational Frequency: A state of vibration.

Vibrational Harmony: Harmony of perspective.

Vibrational Match: Harmony of perspective.

Wanting: Natural desire born from any comparative experience.

Well-Being: The universal natural state of feeling good.

You: An Eternal Consciousness who perceives from your broader Non-Physical perspective, your physical perspective, and even your cellular perspective.



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