doriangrayThere is much stress about aging. Everybody want to live long but does not want to be old. So there ist a permanent conflict in getting older. Some try to stay young by cosmetic surgery and others try to accept their age, repeating – asked or not asked – their age in a kind of desperate boldness.

So here is another method of Abraham if again you are asked about your age for some statistics or to pigeonhole you:

Question: …“So how old are you?
Abraham:  ….“I’m ageless
Q  ….“well what I mean is, how long have you been around?“
A  ….“Forever“
Q  ….“No I mean how many years how many years have you lived in this physical experience?“
A …. „All of them“
Q  . „No I mean I am wanting to know, how old you are?“
A  …..“I’m ageless“
Q   …“No you don’t understand me. I mean when were you born and how many years have you lived in this physical experience?“
A   …..“I have no idea. I have not been keeping track, Why is it important to you? It is not important to me. Because dear friend they will say to you……“ I have decided that I want to pigeonhole you into my framework of how you should behave under these circumstances of the years, and if you do not tell me how old you are then I cannot pigeonhole you in the way that I need to pigeonhole you in order to satisfy my warped view of life!!“ 

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