Co-creating with another person can be fabulous. Two or more people thinking a little differently — can add balance and breadth, and depth, to one another’s desires. Two people, master minding, can add power to a desire.

Although you assist in adding variety and further perspectives,  you often hinder by worrying about control issues or things of that nature. So the optimum creative experience is to be able to open to the breadth of more input without closing to the breadth of more input. It’s like a two-edged sword; it can stimulate you; it can shut you down.

So, whether it’s one or a hundred that you are co-creating with,  use the stimulation factor, but don’t allow yourself to get worried about their choice or their control. Just know that Well-being always flows to you.

What they think about anything does not matter. Only what you think. But when you start thinking about what somebody else thinks,  and forming a judgment about what they’re thinking – now you’re thinking, and now you’ve introduced resistance.

And then you say, „Well, I didn’t feel  resistance before I was thinking about what you were thinking,  so if you’d stop thinking about it, then I wouldn’t have resistance. „And we say, you could stop thinking about what they’re thinking, and there wouldn’t be any resistance, either. And you say, „True enough, but it would be a lot easier for me to not think about what they’re thinking if they’re not thinking it, especially if they’re not speaking it.

There is where allowing really serves you.

Let’s say that I have a specific style of furniture. I’m a vibrational match to it and I don’t have discord around it.  Then I hook up with someone who has a very different style in furniture, and they want to bring their really bad looking stuff into my life.

But I’m not getting upset about the current state of what-is.  I’m looking for things to appreciate. I’m more focused upon the other positive aspects of our relationship than I’m focused upon my furniture.  So, could she, in her purity of vibration, throw all of my furniture out, vibrationally?“

And we say, as she finds vibrational harmony with her furniture and with her life, and with her relationship, the Universe has the ability to find furniture that pleases you both.  And in the process, there’s this magical blending.

Oh, the Universe’s ability to please you all, on all fronts, is unlimited. But most physical Beings get in the way of it, right away – because they’re „sure“ it cannot happen.

The Ability of the Universe to please you all is unlimited.

Esther Hicks speaking as Abraham about Relationships and Co-Creation:



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