Now let’s consider this.
We haven’t talked about this before.
This is really worth talking about.

So let’s say nonphysical energy pours itself into a physical body and chooses to be less than the standard or the normal and is born into a body that by earth standards is dysfunctional in some way.

So now the person’s in the body and they are having all of that contrast that they had hoped for, that they knew they would have. But in the contrast they are giving birth now to other desires, a desire to move from their inferior, by earth standards, bodily condition, to something improved. And so now the spirit that is them joins them in that new thought and now they have essentially, energetically, been reborn.

And now as the human form, as they bring themselves up to speed with this new idea, their body will transform to the new idea


Every cell in your body is resilient and responsive and flexible and able, you see. 
And your body is just made up of those trillions of cells that are cooperative and compliant.  And so when life experience causes you to want something more, Source says, Yes!  Now all you’ve got to do is come up to speed with it, which means follow the thoughts that feel best.  And so you say, „Well, I’m going to grow my arm into perfection,“ and the sociologist or the psychologist says, „You’re delusional. Don’t wish for something that is impossible!“
And we say don’t listen to someone who does not know. Don’t listen to someone outside of your vibrational crack, you see.

G:  Really?



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